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12 Days Of CrossFit

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Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Wilkes’ Weightlifting!
Sunday, February 21st.  More info here!

2010 BOOTCAMPS – Starting Monday, January 4th!
CrossFit Bootcamp, 6:15am, Mon-Wed-Fri
CrossFit Bootcamp, 7:15am, Mon-Wed-Fri7
Weight Loss Bootcamp, 7:00pm, Mon-Wed-Fri

January FOUNDATIONS Classes!
Starting January 5th (Tues/Thurs @ 7pm)
Starting January 26th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

WOD for Thursday 122409 Only Morning Classes Today (6:15, 8:30, 11:30)
“12 Days of CrossFit”
For Time:
1 Burpee Pullup
2 Turkish Get Ups
3 Knees To Elbows
4 Wall Ball (20/12)
5 KB Swings (52/35)
6 Box Jumps
7 Push Presses (75/45)
8 Med Ball Cleans
9 Double Unders
10 Jumping Lunges
11 Pushups
12 Pullups

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Christmas Week Schedule
12/24 – No evening classes
12/25 – CLOSED
12/26 – Regular Schedule
12/27 – Regular Schedule

Will you be having a Zone or Paleo Christmas?  Or maybe a Paleo-Zone Christmas?  Post answer to comments

Wilkes Weightlifting in action!  Sign up for their seminar on February 21st!

  1. Ashley D Reply
    extremely unlikely. actually that's exaggerating. more like, "absolutely not". i'm going to my parents' house in oklahoma. even the ham and turkey they serve somehow finds a way around anything that remotely resembles the zone or paleo.
  2. lindsay hill Reply
    paleo went out the door when i started baking last night, I made mini pies, so they were easy to snack on which was probably my downfall...in fact i ate one before this mornings wod, which had me going pretty quickly until i got to the six round, and lost it. I was looking forward to beating last years time, but turkish get ups take significantly longer than the snatches we did last year, and this year I could do everything rx, so i definately got stronger this year, next year we work on the faster!! Merry Christmas everyone...or if you have already had your special time like Alison, enjoy your rest day!
  3. Allison B Reply
    Hahaha. Thanks for the shout out Lindsay. I enjoyed (maybe that's too strong a word) the 12 days wod this morning. It's a butt-kicker! But, after my 34 minutes, it's was AWESOME to watch Shane kill it in 27! Lindsay, you knocked it out Rx like a champ! And whoever thought 11 rounds of turkish getups would be fun, we need to have a conversation :-) Merry Christmas, everyone.
  4. Shane F Reply
    GREAT JOB 8:30ERS!!!! Tough (but fun) WOD. Thanks for coming in today and especially hanging around (Alison,Rachel,Doug)for moral support!
  5. Shane F Reply
    Oh, forgot the Survey Question. Will TRY to stay Zoneish/Paleo. Will probably make it 85-90% through the weekend. BUT allowed myself desert today. Earned it.
  6. Allison B Reply
    Haha, Shane I cheated and had a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks. I earned it, AND it was worth every calorie. MMMMMM FAT AND CARBS!
  7. Patrick C. Reply
    Staying in the zone. Wish I could have worked out this morning. My job got in the way of my fitness...hate when that happens. Happy holidays to all the Crossfit Durham community.

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