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WOD for Wednesday 090812Today’s Schedule — Click Here
5 Rounds For Time:
One Arm DB Snatch (10 each arm)
10 Pullups
The goal is to finish this WOD in 10-12 minutes.  DB loads and pullups should be scaled to allow you to finish in this timeframe to maximize power output.

Post Loads, Scaling Used, and Time Comments  

Food Allergies and Intolerance
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**Survey Question Of The Day**
What is your WOD schedule?  3 on, 1 off?  2 on 1 off?  Whenever you can?  And why?  Post answers to comments. 

1-arm DB snatches.  Are those dumbbells?

  1. Bill Reply
    Rx is 52/35. Enjoy.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Bill, RX for what? not for this WOD
  2. andy Reply
    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and say hi from Chicago. I keep an eye on here, looks like Crossfit Durham is continuing to grow and the WODs don't seem to be getting any easier. To answer the question, I try to do 3 on and 1 off, but sometimes I get into the "whenever I can" situation.
  3. Matt H Reply
    right now I do six on, 1 off. Trying to peak for my Ironman 3 weeks from now....doing CFE on my own in the evenings....probably will switch back to 5 on, 2 off once the race is done and school starts
  4. chris t Reply
    Depends on the week. I have a Physical Test for Pre OCS quals this weekend, so I don't want to beat myself up nor take time away from training for the test specific criteria. If I have a sedentary weekend or feel I can handle extra physiological stressors I go for the 2X Monday and a possible 3 on 1 off week. If my life stays as busy as is typical I just come in when I can in order to stay in somewhat optimal shape for PT tests for the military and LE. Any OCS guys out there? Good to meet the Ranger Up Guy yesterday.
  5. Bill Reply
    Ah, DB, not KB, sorry. Must be 35/something, huh. What's the women's RX?
  6. Mark Reply
    For the six weeks so far, I've been trying to balance how sore and/or tired I feel with how busy I am at work. I'd like to do a 2-on-1-off routine or even every other day, but I'm really not sure what's optimal for my age and fitness level. How should one decide to program rest days with Crossfit since it is hard to predict what muscle groups will be trained?
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Bill, I would say it would be about 35/25 for dumbbells. I would personally do either 22.5 or 27.5, depending on what kind of WOD I was doing. Clearly, it is beneficial to do certain WODs heavier and other WODs lighter... It depends on the goal for the day. Doing only 10 on each arm at a time, I would likely choose 27.5 over 22.5. I won't be doing this today because of my right shoulder, which is still feeling wonky. F$*&! Did DLs this morning, and my hamstrings feel fabulous. I am actually not lying... they feel that fabulous kind of sore. I love deadlifts.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Goal for today's WOD is to finish in 10-12 minutes. we had a couple guys go with 35lbs for the snatches, some at 27 and some at 22. choose the weight that will allow you to finish in the time domain set for the day and you're good. remember, we could set the time domain for today at 6-8 minutes and you'd have to go lighter or at 12-15 minutes and you'd go heavier. a lot of time, time domain is a much better indicator of whether a WOD is effective or not
  8. michael towne Reply
    im on a 3-on 1-off schedule and it works great. the only thing that i can't stand is when my day off is a WOD i really want to do.
  9. Matt H Reply
    dead lifts today: 1. 235 x 5 2. 285 x 5 3. 335 x 1/305 x 4 wod in 6.24 (35# dumbbells) *Greg R, here is the link for the Triple Lakes Ultra.... http://www.triplelakesrace.com/ the registration for Umstead opens on Noon EDT, Wednesday, September 9, 2009 via Active.com Registration last year filled up quick, I think in minutes. Gonna register as a back up for Western States, but ultimately getting into WS is the goal.
  10. Shane F Reply
    I had a bad morning in the gym. (Chad, here's your update) Attempting two sets of 7x 350# deadlifts I tweaked my back pretty bad. During the 1st set, rep 5 I felt a fairly sharp pain on the left side of my lower back. I (dumbass) tried to finish the set but had to drop the weight at knee height on rep 6 as the pain felt like a knife. Not real sure what caused this, maybe just too much weight. Sarah D said my form looked good. I had to skip out on the WOD. Patrick helped me strip the bar because it would have taken me 30 minutes. If I'm sitting or standing its not that bad. Transitioning between the two is not fun. Off day tomorrow, I hope it gets better soon. :(
  11. Allison B Reply
    Great job 5pm. Sorry about punking out on you 6:15ers... I was dealing with some pretty bad leg cramps this morning. Not quite sure if it's hydration, potassium, or what. Anyway, did the WOD with 15# db and kipping pullups in 9:57. Probably could have done a bit more weight, but 22.5 seemed daunting!
  12. Becky N Reply
    I really liked the deadlifts today: 160lb x5 165lb x5 170lb x5 I couldn't do the WOD though because my shoulder is still bugging me pretty good. Luckily Mitchell came up with a great sub for this workout that kept me in the time domain. I did 10 one armed SDHP with a 35lb KB and 10 high box jumps on the 24inch box.
  13. mandy j. Reply
    i love deadlifts.
  14. Jessica Reply
    Today was my first day off after 4 days in a row--probably too much for a beginner (or so said glutes today while trying to do the CFE running WOD). I am trying to follow the 'consistency, then intensity' guideline--any advice on what that might mean for weekly schedules over the course of the first few months, particularly since I am still determined to run 3 or 4 days a week?
  15. Lori Reply
    Hey Chris T - my SO is just wrapping up OCS [NC National Guard]; not sure if that's what you're talking about? anyway, feel free to hit him on facebook or send an email: patrickmlake@nc.rr.com

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