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A Four Letter Lady

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Tuesday 0904021
Overhead Squats

3, 3, 3
21-15-9 For Time:

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Greg Amundsen and Annie take on “Fran” at the original CF Santa Cruz

  1. mandy j. Reply
    615-ers were MOTIVATED this morning! nice work people! allison! sub 5 minute fran?! RIDICULOUS!!! and dellia, nice job getting those band pullups! 5:22- rx weight, subbed ring rows for pullups.
  2. Allison B Reply
    4:38 with 45 lbs... time to go up! Great job 615!
  3. Dave P Reply
    8:48 using 65 lbs. and the blue band. A 3 minute improvement over the Fran I did in the Foundations class back in January (same weight but mostly jumping pullups). Next time I'll increase the weight for the thrusters.
  4. Lori F Reply
    5:40-ish using 65lbs and did half the pullups unassisted. Beat my January time by 2minutes! Thanks Allison for the cheering - it helps!
  5. lindsay hill Reply
    8:22 with 65 lb thrusters and blue to 95 lbs for ohs
  6. Naomi Reply
    Fran Virgin - 5:55 55# for 21, 45# for 15-9; jumping pullups for 21-15, big black band for last 9 OHS 45-55-65 "Volleyball" was actually quite fun! Burpees and all!
  7. Alex Reply
    Fran PR at 4:15! Whoo! Volleyball was sweet, even if Patrick single-handedly beat us all
  8. Chad Edwards Reply
    OHS 135x3,155x3,175x3 Fran as rx'd 5:10

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