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Wednesday 090722Today’s WOD Schedule — Click Here
For Time:  
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats

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Happy Birthday, Dave!

Scorching “Angie”

  1. Naomi Reply
    Just did ANGIE at home since I won't be able to attend at the box today. 22:40 WODS at home are definitely not as fun without the group, but I got my hubby to do this WOD (a scaled version, but he did well).
  2. Shane F Reply
    I was just going to type in "Rx 21:06" but the website told me that comment was too short so now I am typing filler.
  3. Lori Reply
    Angie almost made me cry. Did half pullups unassisted, the rest with a blue band. 21minutes and change. argh. Delia, good job sticking to it! You did great!
  4. becky Reply
    24:52 RX and very happy with it additions to the never ending "needs work" list: stringing kipping pull ups together and chest to deck pushups
  5. mandy j. Reply
    28:17... first time doing all banded kipping pullups. ouch. congrats to becky n. and becky t. on getting this one rx'd...you ladies are my pullup heroes. :)
  6. Sarah D Reply
    Just wondered why the post about WOD changes disappeared? I was interested in reading everyone's opinions, and I know that some folks still want to post. Please repost that thread if possible. Thanks!
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      We got lots of great feedback on yesterday's questions regarding potential schedule changes/improvements. Thanks to everyone who responded. Your input will be a big help as we plan things moving forward. Feel free to post additional comments to today or tomorrow's comments section, or any day's for that matter, or email Greg or me directly. We are always open to hear from everyone.
  7. Sarah D Reply
    It would still be great to be able to access the posts and be able to refer to others ideas. No real reason for it to disappear, right?
  8. Becky N Reply
    Congrats to all who have done or are going to do Angie :) My time was 32:30 and the pull-ups got very ugly. A huge shout out to Mandy for doing banded Kipping pull-ups! Mandy the improvements you have made at CF since February are amazing and very inspirational.
  9. Becky N Reply
    one more thing... were did everyone's comments go from yesterday? I haven't gotten the chance to see what everyone had written can those be posted again? That kind of an open forum really adds to the community feel that is SO important in CF.
  10. Basil Reply
    RX 22:41 Thanks to Becky and Allison for keeping me going. I often don't think i am improving at CF but here is another benchmark WOD i have really improved on since last time.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      killer work to everyone today....lots of PR's out there! do you realize how many sub-20min Angie's we will have as a group sometime soon? That's amazing! Dunsey....13:38 is ridonculous! For those of you with ripped hands, the rest of the week's programming should be relatively friendly to you :)
  11. lindsay hill Reply
    so today was a rest day for me, partly because I couldn't come at any time, but I am sad to have missed the crossfit durham ladies rocking it out on pullups...i love crossfit victories...
  12. Melinda Reply
    So this was my first Angie. I had 34 something. But I want to give myself a pat on the back because none - zero - zip - zilch of those pull ups were jumping or ring rows. All band assisted. My first WOD to do band assisted pull ups. And I chose the one with 100 of them. Thanks Dave for pushing me. Maybe next Angie, I'll just use one band. Baby steps... Thanks to Mitchell for the cool kip overview.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Melinda -- you're a rock star! among many rock stars today :) Great job to everyone!
  13. Becky N Reply
    Nice work Melinda! No turning back now. Here come the Kips :)
  14. Naomi Reply
    OK, Melinda, I see you are going to make me have to face my fear of pullups. You are amazing! Really, all y'all just put in in awe. What an amazing group of athletes and all around great folks. We have quite a community at CF Durham.
  15. Sara C Reply
    great job to Melinda for the pull-ups...finished first Angie in 25:32 using blue+red band on pull-ups...must figure out the kipping (sp?) technique :-D
  16. B. Kiddo Reply
    I attempted Angie for the first time yesterday. Before Rich and I got to the gym I had resolved to use the blue band and not venture down to the yellow. I have been using red, but I can only do 3 at a time and I really did not see me making it through 100 pull-ups. I tore my hand with three pull-ups to go. I came off the bar and thought: that f@*%king hurts way more than it should. Mandy snapped me back into it by saying "Just 3 more to go Bea". The push-ups were made worse by my pulsating hand. I can only imagine how bad it was for Dori; she destroyed her hands. I was very happy to move on to the sit-ups. I used the GHD for them. I still get a little dizzy going all the way back to touch the ground. Squats were a down right joy after all of that. I finished in 24:02. I am VERY proud of you Melinda.

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