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Active Life Concepts

Active Life Concepts is a Chapel Hill based company geared toward helping people of all ages and abilities improve their overall health and wellness. Owned and operated by Dr. Stewart Peters, Active Life Concepts works with individuals to set realistic health and fitness goals and implement specific plans to achieve those goals.

The mission of Active Life Concepts is to educate patients, coaches and athletes on proper nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, rehabilitation after injury, and the appropriate strength and conditioning training needed to optimize an individual’s performance and recovery.

  • Philosophy Behind Active Life Concepts

    As a licensed chiropractor and nutritionist, Dr. Peters believes that restoring and maintaining joint and soft tissue function will eliminate symptoms and improve the human body’s overall function and performance. Dr. Peters likes his patients to pursue an active role in their treatment by participating in biomechanics seminars and practicing the techniques learned to improve their overall range of motion, strength, and coordination.

    Dr. Peters believes that nutrition plays a vital role in a person’s overall health, and consults with patients and athletes on their specific nutrition to ensure proper recovery from intense exercise or injury. He believes that regularly measuring biometrics, setting realistic goals, designing nutrition plans based on the athlete’s goals, and periodically re-assessing the individual’s biometrics is the most accurate way to determine health progression. Dr. Peters also strongly believes in patient education and empowering patients to improve the quality of their lives because patients who know more about their own conditions stay healthier.

  • Services

    Services include:

    • Biometric assessment, diagnosis and recommendations
    • Nutrition consulting and plan development
    • Biomechanical/mobility assessments and rehabilitation programs
    • Total body injury assessment/diagnosis
    • Weight loss and general health consulting and goal development
    • Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Physiotherapy and Kinesio-taping/bracing
    • Group seminars on health, fitness, and nutrition
  • About Dr. Peters


    Dr. Peters is originally from Virginia and now practices in Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida and B.S. in Health Science from James Madison University.

    Dr. Peters served as a US Marine from 1994-2002 and was honorably discharged in December 2002. He is a 1st degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo with Universal Kempo Karate Schools, a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, and the Strength and Conditioning coach for Chapel Hill Gracie Jujitsu. Dr. Peters is also trained in Kinesio-taping for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, and is CPR and First aid certified.

    Dr. Peters lives in Chapel Hill and enjoys spending much of his free time chasing after his 2 year old daughter.

  • About Kelly Cox – Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist


    Kelly has a Bachelors of Health Science in Asian Holistic Health & Massage. He uses traditional Asian bodywork philosophy coupled with modern techniques to help his clients with the rigors of their active lifestyles. Massage, at its core, is to restore functionality to the body, so Tuina/acupressure, Myo-fascial Release, Deep Tissue, and stretching are utilized to accomplish this goal.

    His clientele includes Olympic Medalists, Division 1 athletes, Martial Artists, CrossFitters, and individuals of all levels of fitness. Additionally he serves on the Medical Team for USA Diving as well as working with the both the UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University Swim & Dive Teams. He is excited to add the CrossFit Durham to his list of happy, more mobile clientele.

    Learn more about Kelly on his website:

    Email Kelly Cox  Phone: (919) 636-8159

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    Dr. Peters is available for appointments and consultations.


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