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Amanda Utevsky

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How would you describe your previous athletic background before CrossFit? What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit Durham?
I was heavily involved with gymnastics when I was younger, but was also generally always moving and active. However, when I gave myself two fractures in my back during gymnastics practice, I switched my focused to the elliptical machine and stationary bike since I was worried everything else would make my back worse. I slowly, but surely, began working with a physical therapist who taught me that you can in fact lift weights safely, and in ways that can really heal your body – an idea that made my introduction to CrossFit fairly smooth.

524030_10151300146430448_1984604389_n-200x300What made you want to give CrossFit a try?
I loved what strength training had done for both my back issues and for my body tone, but was struggling with programming (when, how often, how much, reps & sets) and with motivation. I looked forward to having a well-programmed routine laid out for me, and thought the nature of varied workouts with both lifting and cardio would fit my personality. Also, watching people in the Games just lit a spark in me – that kind of energy, speed, strength, and overall power is the epitome of Awesome to me.

Do you have a favorite workout?
Fight Gone Bad or Grace. I also tend to love chippers (until I’m about 1/2 way into one…).

What impact has CrossFit had on your life?
It’s had a tremendous impact on me. I grew up having a pretty terrible body image and some pretty disordered eating habits, perpetually concerned about the number on the scale. This all changed quite a bit when I came to CrossFit Durham. CrossFit’s focus on what you *can* do, how people have different strengths – some of which can change fairly easily, others of which might take years of work – and that your body is a really fantastic machine has made me appreciate my body in ways I used to think impossible. Some days definitely still suck because I didn’t hit a new personal record like everyone else in the class, or my running ability hasn’t improved in a few months, but CrossFit has given me the perspective that these are things to work on, not things to dwell on. This new mentality has had incredible effects on all other aspects in my life.

533645_613246245371997_1853501217_nBeyond that, CrossFit has given me a new community of friends and an amazing support system. Having people yell at you (because they know your potential and are dying to see you reach it), cheer you on, work and train with you, and push you to new limits has been such a gratifying experience.

Lastly, as goober-ish as it might sound, I’ve learned to persevere and to keep trying even when I think the situation sucks, is painful, or I’m just not good enough. You won’t get anywhere without pushing through the Suck.

How would you describe CrossFit to someone that had never heard of it before?
You’ll move a lot of weight – both in terms of pounds and reps – and you’ll move it quickly; it’s a full-body workout that will make you feel awesome. You’ll work really, really hard to complete a lot of different movements that work a lot of different parts of your body. Also, sometimes you might feel like you’re dying, but that feeling usually passes pretty quickly.

What is your CrossFit nememsis?
Double unders, wall balls, running.

What is your favorite movement?
Cleans or burpee toes to bar. But truthfully, nothing makes me feel more awesome than a successful snatch [insert smirk here].

What CrossFit Durham mean to you?
Growth (in many ways).

What advice would you offer to others thinking about training at CrossFit Durham?
Everyone’s had a First Day with CrossFit; no one was born into it (aside from maybe Rich Froning) – don’t be discouraged or worried. We’ve all felt silly, and we all have things to work on. Just remember to keep competing against yourself. Oh, and introduce yourself – people need to know your name to properly cheer you on!

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