An Old Flame Returns -- WOD for 090504 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

An Old Flame Returns


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Monday 090504
3, 3, 3
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups 
15 Squats

Post Loads and Number of Rounds Completed to Comments

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John goes big on his deadlift

  1. Allison B Reply
    Cindy wasn't my friend this morning. 13 rounds... all kipping pullups! :-) Great job 6:15... you guys rock!
  2. mandy j. Reply
    allison...sweet job on the pullups! my heaviest set of 3 for the DLs was 305. then i PRd with 1 rep at 325 (thanks for the motivation mitchell). i did 3 rounds of yesterdays wod just to see how nasty i could get my hands. i was just over 12 minutes. 615-ers, it was a pleasure as always.
  3. becky Reply
    allison - awesome job on the pullups! and mandy - your numbers are freakin' insane! did 14 full rounds + pull ups...and ripped my hands open for the first time :) totally worth it to do it all unassisted. now if someone could point out ways to improve push ups (other than just doing MORE push ups), that would be awesome
  4. Matt H Reply
    19 full rounds and got through pullups and 8 pushups....I feel the ripped hands and I somehow managed to smash my head on the support bar while putting chalk on my hands....lovely...
  5. Sarah D Reply
    Seriously, Mandy... you are a beast! I dream at night about deadlifting 325. Beast. Allison-- nice work on doing all kips!
  6. kelli mc Reply
    deadlifts: 185x3, 190x3, 195x3. Pretty happy with the 195 (PR) Cindy was pretty taxing...17+ rounds. Altogether a pretty bad@$$ workout.
  7. ollie Reply
    Wanted to give a shout out to Tripp for tearing it up yesterday...busting out 350lb deadlifts...solid!

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