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Apple Corer

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WOD for Tuesday 080211Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Weighted Chest to Bar Pullups
3 Rounds NOT for time:
20 Single Arm (RT) DB Walking Lunges (52/35)
20 Single ARM (LT) DB Walking Lunges
Max Rep Pull Ups

Post Pullup Loads and Metcon Pullup Reps to Comments
For the strength segment, load yourself up and pull your chest to the bar for single reps.  You can kip, deadhang, or use any grip you choose.   

In the conditioning workout, for Single Arm DB Walking Lunge, pick up one dumbbell and and perform walking lunges. Once you complete 20 total lunges switch hands and repeat.

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  1. Doug Reply
    Little dissapointed in my pull ups this morning, getting chest to bar was quite difficult. Switched to a chin up grip and was able to get 1 at 80+ #'s. Did three different styles of walking lunges (with weight vest): 1st round did OH position with 44# 2nd round did hanging "suitcase" with 70# 3rd round did over the shoulder with 55# pullups with weight vest 7 deads, 7 dead + 2 kip, 10 dead
  2. Mike K Reply
    Managed to get up to 104lbs (2 24kg kettlebells) for chest to bar pull-up (technically a chin-up) Then did Games WOD 4: 5 Muscle-Ups 10 Deficit Deadlift, 245 15 GHD Sit-Ups 50/100/150/200 yd sprint (increase by round) 13:15 (with a little ring trouble) fastest guy in the games went 7:31, slowest was around 11:30...yikes

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