"Badger" -- WOD for 090624 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Wednesday 090624

3 Rounds for Time:
30 Squat Cleans (95/65)
30 Pullups
Run 800m

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In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer, Mark T. Carter, 27, who was killed December 11, 2007 while conducting combat operations in Iraq.

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  1. becky Reply
    i didn't want to use my hands this week, anyway...:)
  2. andy Reply
    sarcasm? this is shaping up to be a tough week on the hands. 100 pull ups monday, 90 pull ups wednesday.
  3. Allison B Reply
    I have a new theory... Dave and Greg are concerned that CF is gaining too many new members, and they're now trying to kill us all off. Yes? Am I right? Today is a running day for me, so I won't be doing Badger, but GOOD LUCK everyone!
  4. Matt H Reply
    I shouldn't have looked.......
  5. Sabah Reply
    I very rarely agree with conspiracy theories but on this occasion - after going through the workouts last week and this week - will have to give some credit to Allison's assessment. It's like accelerated evolution in a gym (test tube) - survival of the fittest members (genes) will make the gym (the organism) much likelier to survive (survive) in the long run. Yes, I am a genetics nerd but this makes too much sense to ignore :)
  6. Allison B Reply
    Sabah- thanks for the backup. But, if I'm calling something you say nerdy, then we have a serious problem... :-)
  7. Chad E Reply
    I still say that this workout should be renamed "Swift Kick in the Nuts" (no offense to Badger's family of course). Freakin' brutal... as rx'd 38:25
  8. Matt H Reply
    One of the hardest workouts Ive ever done....as of right now it sits at #3 on my "Workouts That Sucked Ass" list....though it may be up for discussion depending on how I feel tomorrow....I literally was drooling on myself after the first set of squat cleans, never thought I'd look forward to doing 30 pullups....and I thought I liked running.....*threw up in mouth* 35 something rx'd Kudos to everyone who rocked out this beast today and to the trainers for kickin' our ass.....bring your worst! (I'm sure I'm going to regret saying that.....)
  9. becky Reply
    so for a minute i actually convinced myself that i could do this today because "i don't need to use a handrail to get up/down stairs" and "washing my hands is only minimally painful." alas, barbara kicked my ass on monday with a welcome back that was about as warm and fuzzy as a roundhouse kick to the face... good luck to everyone and looking forward to the next time this comes up! (although i might regret that when it does)
  10. B. Kiddo Reply
    Wow, that was horrible. I now REALLY respect Jack for his 3 WODs in one day after a vacation. Yes, I did throw up and right in front of what looked to be a very nice couple buying tile. That coupled with Michelle and his cape probably scared the crap out of the good people of Geer St.
  11. Dave Rubin Reply
    Huge props to everyone who took on "Badger" today! It's a "Hero WOD" for a reason! Big kudos to Becky Newell....all 90 pullups of the RX'd kipping variety!!! Say good bye to the bands Becky!!
  12. Shane F Reply
    What a quote by B. Kiddo: "Yes, I did throw up and right in front of what looked to be a very nice couple buying tile." LOL!! I echo everyone's comments on the pain factor. I forgot my exact time, 42 ish as Rx'd.
  13. mandy j. Reply
    everyone who powered through this one is amazing. becky is my hero for DESTROYING 90 pull ups in this wod. seriously. sweetest cf moment i have ever witnessed.

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