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Bar Exam

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WOD for Thursday 022510 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
“Bar Exam”
Perform all movements with an empty bar
50 Thrusters
50 Knees To Elbows
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
50 Push Jerks
50 Back Squats
50 Pullups
50 Power Snatches

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This WOD celebrates Matt Reeder taking the North Carolina Bar Exam this week!  The load is light but the volume is high…have fun!      

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What made Matt so tired?  Was it a WOD or the Bar Exam??

  1. Renee Reply
    Everyone is too tired to add comments :)
  2. Murphie Reply
    Hope the exam is going well, Matt! Good Luck!
  3. Sara C Reply
    a fun little bit on rowing:
  4. Ashley D Reply
    fun wod today. and congrats to matt for being finished w/the exam! i used the 45# bar today, but only because i was slow at getting a bar and the 33# bars were gone. otherwise, i wouldn't have scaled up. i'm glad i did though b/c some of those got really tough and it made me push myself harder. i did power cleans instead of power snatches b/c of my shoulder. 22:16... or something like that. i don't remember exactly. special thanks to matt and greg the helped me out a lot on the rope climb. i got word that it's probably going to be in sectionals. going to get some more tips from patrick tonight and some from shane when he returns next week. i'm hitting up all the military folks i can find. :)
  5. Matt R. Reply
    The WOD concept seemed like a good one 2 weeks ago... 15 minutes into it, a lot less so. I blame Dave. He took my idea and multiplied by 10. Thanks for all the good wishes. It is over! Now I wait.
  6. Tom Reply
    Hey Ashley is the "Crossfit standard" to use just your arms for the climb? If it isn't I can help out out with how to use your legs (which I'm sorry but if you're climbing a rope and you want to go fast, it's the only way to do it, especially with 80lbs or stuff on).
  7. Dave Reply
    Phil, the lemon flavored Barlean's is delicious. I wouldn't be suprised if a cherry flavored from Twinlab isn't that bad either. I have a big even tomorrow night that I don't want to be sore for so I only took half the "Bar Exam"...finished in 12:32
  8. Matt H Reply
    19 something on this beast. The pullups were miserable.....nice workout since most of them this week have been quick and brutal...though I'm a huge fan of the long miserable workouts and would do them everyday if possible.
  9. Phillip B Reply
    What a tough one. I'm in need of a big rest day tomorrow. Big thanks to a bunch of people for all of the encouragement, especially talking me through the last part. Dave, cherry twinlab wasn't bad at all. Erin tried it and gagged, but I think it was the texture and not the flavor.
  10. Sara C Reply
    tough wod - pull ups were brutal, i really need to work those more. Scaled the pull ups and knees to elbows became knees to chest, used a 45 lb bar and scaled up on everything else. finished 21:06.
  11. Melinda Reply
    I really like the fact that we do WODs to honor our own athletes in some way. We should do this more. In fact, I hope we will be doing one in my honor soon involving 100 in some way. :) Hope all went well Matt R. I'm with Matt H- I like the long ones and would do them all the time. I guess I just like suffering. Agree with all that the pull ups were the worst. I think after the first 10 I had to do 3 at a time. I used the tan band. I think if I could only get 3 that means I didn't sand bag. I used the 33lb bar for everything and 2 15 lb dumbells for the thrusters. I think I got 27 something maybe.
  12. Mark Reply
    Dave, I think you left an "f" off the end of this one. Mark

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