Benchmark Week 2011 -- "Nancy" -- WOD for 010411 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Benchmark Week 2011 — "Nancy"


WOD for Tuesday 010411  — Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
KB Snatches
Take 20 minutes and work on KB Snatches
5 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

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We will do a different Benchmark WOD each day this week to help you get baseline measures for 2011.  

For the skill segment, practice your KB Snatches, cleans, and high pulls.       

Do you have any CrossFit resolutions for 2011?   Post to comments

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  1. Ashley D Reply
    After watching Eric and Paul Pi, I jumped on the "Lets do Nancy w/a 20# weight vest" wagon this morning. I honestly need to make the OHS a little bit heavier in Nancy and I since i suck at running I figured this would be a great way to make them both harder. My OHS were much slower today b/c the weight vest (1) made me fight for balance and (2) the extra 20# was smoked my hamstrings. 18:34
    • Dave Reply
      Please post here if you'd be interested in an occasional Saturday morning Pilates workout (around 11am) AND if you'd be interested in a regularly scheduled Mobility WOD on Saturdays around noon
  2. Ashley D Reply
    Yes on the first and definitely yes on the second.
  3. Kerry O Reply
    Yes very interested in both Dave. Thanks!
  4. Jonathan GOMETD Johnson Reply
    I'm curious about Pilates and would like to check it out. Definitely down for Mobility.
  5. Jonathan GOMETD Johnson Reply
    ... and if you're an MWod minion you may enjoy this.
  6. Jason Reply
    I would definitely enjoy the mobility WOD whenever I'm able to make it.
  7. jonathan d Reply
    i said i wouldn't do OHS or snatches again until my thumb got better. i've probably said i wouldn't do nancy ever again. but i did it anyway and i hate it more now and my thumb hurts more now. super. 20: something Rx. as for dave's & yes.
  8. Ashley D Reply
    i'm not sure why there is a random "was" in my sentence. actually, i do know why... i deleted and retyped. i'm sure you guys are all used to my typos by now.
  9. Paul Reply
    Nancy was a beast this morning. 15:50ish rx with vest. Interested in mobility but would it be the full hour? Would there be a metcon at the end? Have we even thought that far? Also interested in laughing yoga but I guess I'd have to check next door for that..
  10. Ashley T Reply
    I'd be interested in pilates sometimes and mobility whenever possible
  11. Ashley D Reply
    Paul, it pleases me to know you're considering the strict, devoted, ancient practice of laughing yoga to further improve your fitness. Yoga to the people!
  12. Mike K Reply
    No metcon at the end of the mobility...might be some light lifting for test/retest purposes. This is NOT mobility for the sake of being more flexible, but has everything to do with increasing performance (by giving you the ability to get in the proper positions and increase your ability to lift more efficiently).
  13. jonathan d Reply
    mike, from the way you're answering, it sounds like you're teaching them. i think i want to change my answer.
  14. Mike K Reply
    Haha, I'll mobilize your hips
  15. shayne Reply
    i'd definitely attend a saturday mobility WOD (so would doug); i would try pilates but can't commit to it. thanks, dave!
  16. cke Reply
    I would like to understand more about what mobility wod means before stating my preference. I'm pretty sure I know what mobility work means, but I might be off in terms of crossfit definition of this. If someone could explain 'mobility wod' to me that would be great.
    • Dave Reply
      A Mobility "WOD" would not include a WOD along the lines of Fran or Nancy, etc. Maybe we'd just call it Mobility Class. The focus will be on recovery, recuperation, flexibility, mobility through a ROM, and ultimately performing better. It would likely last 45-60mins and include work for several major muscle groups each week. You would learn and practice things that you could make part of your daily pre/post WOD and rest day routines.
  17. Mike K Reply
    "Every human being should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. You know what to eat, how to train, and what to do if you have a cut; you should also know how to fix your tight hips, painful knees, and stiff shoulders, and how to make yourself faster and more powerful." -Kelly Starrett, CrossFit Mobility God check here to get an idea of the stuff we'll do:
  18. cke Reply
    Thanks for clarifying. I’d definitely attend mobility workout/WOD on Saturdays whenever I can. I probably would not go to pilates regularly.

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