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Big Jumpin'

Want to see what the Fifth Ape Seminar on February 5th is all about?  Check this out!

WOD for Thursday 020311  – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Bench Press
Determine 1RM
Warmup:  Perform 3 reps @ 50%, 60%, 70% 1RM
Work Sets:  Perform 1 Rep @ 80%, 90%, 95%, then 2-3 attempts at a new 1RM
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
7 KB Snatch – right (52/35)  — See demo here

7 KB Snatch – left (52/35)
3 Box Jumps (36/30) 

Post Bench Press Loads and Metcon Rounds to Comments
For the strength segment, follow the warmup sequence to determine your 1RM Bench Press. Use common sense and good judgement. When in doubt, live to lift again another day. New 1RM’s may only be recorded if the lift is done with full ROM.  Use a spotter for ALL sets. 

If you have not previously established a 1RM Bench Press at CFD it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you DO NOT attempt a 1RM Bench Press…instead, perform 5 sets of 3 reps with near to perfect form!      

For the Metcon, use a KB load that allows for proper movement execution.  Note that the Box Jump height is intended to be high.  There are only 3 reps per round!             

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm!
Please make sure you wipe down the rower rails and store the handles in the farthest forward position. 
Run or Row
4min on, 3min off
2min on, 30sec off
1min on, 3min off
2min on, 30 sec off
4min on. Done!

Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting February 15th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm) – Only 4 spots left!
Starting March 8th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting March 29th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)
Starting April 19th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

Upcoming Events
Fifth Ape Parkour Seminar – Saturday, February 5
Couples Throwdown– Saturday, February 12
Triad Barbell Open — Sat, February 26th, at CF Downtown Winston
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sun, February 27th

Durham Indoor Rowing Trials – February 27th! 
You KNOW you wanna do it!

  1. Froggy Phil Reply
    Interested in box jump opinions. Is a static position prior to jumping important, or should you utilize the transferred energy you get from stepping to the box before jumping?
  2. Ashley D Reply
    Worked out with the 11:30 class today. Great job today! Sucked on bench - 115# which is 15# less than my 1RM, but I haven't done much strength with my upper body the past few weeks, so I'm no surprised. 11 rounds even for the WOD. Used 24 in box with 2 45# plates and used 25# kb for right arm and 35# kb for left. Tried the 35# kb with right arm at first and my shoulder said no way.
  3. Ashley D Reply
    I mean 8:30 class... :l
  4. Doug Reply
    10 rounds + 6 KB Snatch on my left arm... just couldn't get number 7. Used a 30" box with 2 x 45# plates and a 52#KB. Also did my 6 x Ring Push Ups. Very happy with my bench max as i was only 10#'s off of my previous 1RM, which was at the end of a strength cycle.
  5. Monster Mats Reply
    I did clean + jerk instead of bench in preparation for the for the Triad Barbell Open later this month. Worked up to a mere 145lb, making sure I landed in the "split" position with elbows locked. 8 rounds (I think) + 6 KB snatches with the left. I used Doug's box (30" + 2 45lb plates) and a 52lb KB.
  6. Doug Reply
    @Froggy Phil: I'm not sure if there is a preferred method from Dave, but I typically have come to a complete stop before I jump (not walking up to the box). I'm pretty sure that in all the "max height" box jump vids, everyone is taking 1 x drop step for forward momentum and timing, but I don't think that is intended for this workout. Probably more of a Dave question, but almost everyone who I saw this morning (6:15, 7:15, 8:30) was NOT drop stepping, but rather starting from a static 2 feet planted position
  7. Froggy Phil Reply
    Thanks Danger Doug. I should've been more specific. I was actually thinking of Max Height box jumps since in WODs, it's more typical to just pop back up after the landing.
  8. Ashley D Reply
    I like jumping things. I think I'm going to go for a max box jump sometime soon... perhaps tomorrow. I want someone to be around though just in case I kill myself dead. :) I got 37 inches (per Doug's measurement) today. I'm a little scared to do much more, but I think I can, especially if I try to use the 1 step method. 37 inches is like at my boobs. Hahaha. Not quite, but it felt that way.
  9. Danger Doug Reply
    If I was a super-villain, I would be Diabolical Doug, but since I'm not, Danger Doug works for now. @ Ashley, I'm game as well, maybe in-between 7 and 8 classes tomorrow? I have never done a max height test.
  10. Something That Alliterates Well With Jonathan Reply
    @Phil. I think the most efficient technique for both time and energy/motion is to go directly from one landing into the next jump. Rest on the box not on the ground. I also like to get my arm swings synced with the jumps. Swing forward on the jump up. Back on the jump down. I'm thinking about training some reactive box jumps to get better at my regular Box Jumps. PS. Its super tempting to use the acronym for Box Jump but it makes everything sound so dirty.
  11. Dirty Doug Reply
    BJ's all around for everyone today.... wait...
  12. BJ Phil Reply
    Dirty Danger, I expect you'll get at least 50 inches considering how much you can power clean. Commit to it in your mind before you jump and you will not miss.
  13. Jack Reply
    FYI- 45 lb plate - 3 inch 35 lb - 2.5 inch 25 lb - 2 inch 15 lb - 1.5 inch 10 lb - 1 inch
  14. BJ Phil Reply
    There must have been some sort of mistake. That should have been posted by Jumping Jack. Get with the program, guy!
    • Dave Reply
      Phil et al, I think you'll get a bigger box jump by stepping into it. For the purposes of this WOD, and generally others, there probably shouldn't be a step into it. When establishing max height box jumps, it should probably be noted whether it was from a dead stop jump or with a step in. The effect and power of the stretch reflex shouldn't be undersold. See: push press, "bounce" at the bottom of a back squat, aggressive push away from the bar pullups, etc
      • Dave Reply
        If you're competing in the Triad Barbell Open on February 26th (and more of you should be), would you be interested in a short rules clinic prior to the event to make sure you're ready?
  15. Erin Mc Reply
    Family Meeting!!! With DIRT and the Triad Barbell Open coming up, I think it's time to have another discussion about competition - specifically, why we should all be doing more of it. Please refer to last year's discussion here:
  16. Monster Mats Reply
    @Dave - I'd be interested in a rules clinic sometime before 2/26
  17. Bill Reply jump fun. On the count of stepping into the jump vs. flat foot jump, I definitely fall into the stepping into it category more often then not. While I have no idea regarding it's RXitude, it is a very functional movement. In fact, I think it's reasonable to argue that stepping into a jump is more functional, more practical, and more used than the flat-footed alternative. Also, it definitely adds another level to the necessary whole body coordination of the movement (and one which can be seen readily in those who do it well vs. those who do it not as well).
    • Dave Reply
      well said, Bill
  18. Bouncing Bill Reply
    (name corrected appropriately for today's message board)
  19. PR Phil Reply
    Got a 20lb 1RM on the Bench @ 180.

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