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Blue Devil

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WOD for Thursday 021110 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
For Time:
125 Double Unders

100 Air Squats
75 KB Swings (52/35)
50 Burpees
25 Thrusters (115/75)

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This WOD was the final event at the Carolina Fitness Challenge.  Scale only as necessary to allow for proper movement execution.            

ENDURANCE WOD at 6pm tonight!

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Competitors at the Carolina Fitness Challenge did today’s WOD ranging between 11 and 25 minutes!

  1. Ashley D Reply
    >SIGH< (that's all i wanted to post, but it said it had to type more.)
  2. Allison B Reply
    AWESOME job, 6:15! Tom and Renee, great work just chipping away at it!
    • Dave Reply
      Killer job at 8:30 and 11:30am with "The Blue Devil"! Welcome to new CrossFitter, Katie Towne (sister of Michael Towne)! Great work in your first modified "Cindy"!
  3. Dave Reply
    Some fitness thoughts courtesy of Martin Fowler, our resident Philosopher: "Don't make fitness into an inspiring but unattainable goal. Don't make fitness some peak experience with a fleeting half-life or a sweet spot to cleverly and diligently maintain. Think of physical fitness as the disciplined ways in which we move in the world and turn spaces into places instead of burdens and obstacles. Otherwise, the quest for fitness devolves into absurdity pretty quickly. A modern gym is one such destination. Like the pious churchgoer who can't imagine being religious outside of church, those who do these routines often don't think about being fit outside the gym. But does anything or anyone belong inside the sheer existential irony, absurdity, ennui, and consumer paradox of paying to sweat and run in place from nowhere to nowhere, with no product except some intangible goal called fitness? Perhaps unvarying exercise regimens prepare you for life if yours consists of routine meaningless motion. Strapping yourself into a machine to make isolated muscular contractions might prepare you somewhat for driving a car. But is it any wonder that exercise in such a place so utterly divorced from how you otherwise want to live is often experienced as inane, boring, and banal? Fitness is a discipline - It's living at its most focused and transformative. Fitness is about how you live. It's not a calorie-intensive version of daily flossing."
  4. Phillip B Reply
    Dave, that was awesome.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Let's just say this WOD is best done when fresh. 13:44 RX today compared to 20:38 RX at challenge.
  6. Ashley D Reply
    just read your posting, dave... that's great!

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