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Bodyweight Max Out


Saturday, March 20th — Register here!

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WOD for Tuesday 020210 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
3 reps @ 65% 1RM
3 reps @ 70% 1RM
3 reps @ 80% 1RM
3 reps @ 85% 1RM
3 reps  @ 95% 1RM
For Max Reps:

Handstand Pushups — 10 minutes
Air Squats — 5 minutes
Pullups — 2 minutes
Pushups — 1 minutes

Post Loads and Number of Reps Completed to Comments
Scale movements as necessary to ensure proper execution and performance of max reps.  

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar — Sunday, February 21st — SOLD OUT!
BEAST SKILLS Gymnastics Seminar — Saturday, March 13th
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Saturday, March 20th

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  1. Doug Reply
    264 on the WOD, and was annihilated by Patrick (who scored over 400!!!). Can't do the damn hand stand pushups RX (only did 10 that way) and had to use the Blue band harness for most of them. The time goes by fast on the Air Squats, Pull and Push ups, so you really have to get after it on those lifts to get a good time. The deadlifts on the other hand went wonderful. I have a max of #350, and was able to do #330 x3 times with proper form, and felt like I could have done more. When I did 350 several months ago I had atrocious form to get the weight up. The heavy lifting is absolutely helping out on these big movement lifts!
  2. Ashley D Reply
    Hey guys. Monday Feb 15th, lets meet at Dos Perros for dinner at 7:30. I've already talked to Charlie and he's excited about us being there. They have a great beer and wine list to choose from. Feel free to come stinky too b/c Charlie is going to let us use the private room. :) I'll post something at the gym about it too. Post if you plan on coming b/c I think it would help Charlie if we had a head count. Charlie - What's the address? I know it's super close to the gym.
  3. Charlie Reply
    200N Mangum. From the gym, take Rigsbee until it ends at Chapel Hill St. You can either just go right into the parking garage right there (and then walk out the opposite side) or turn left, then a quick right on Mangum and pull into the street level lot on the right hand side. We're right across the street in the big yellow building.
  4. Ashley D Reply
    doug - i have to say i've seen a great deal of improvement on your form on the squats and deads. you're not nearly as quad dominate as you used to be! :) you're doing a great job!
  5. Doug Reply
    In for dinner (and I had to add more typing to this so I could submit....)
  6. Sara C Reply
    Dinner sounds fun :-) Wod today was entertaining - especially the first 10'. Squats, pull ups, and push ups were great fun, 282 (165 squats lol). Great job to Lori and Sarah G. on Deadlifts, managed to get 3 ugly ones at 213.
  7. Melinda Reply
    My goals for Feb: show up no matter what the WOD is (especially if there are burpees), do a WOD with blue band pull ups, kick up to the damn wall in a handstand. If you see me, ask me how I'm doin - feel free to call me out for the entire month of Feb. Sigh. Murphie and Ollie and Allison - thanks for the help with the handstands. I was actually having fun even though I was falling on my ass and taking Ollie out (sorry Ollie). And just throwin it out there: Murphie is freakin awesome and always willing to help me - thanks Murph.
  8. Phillip B Reply
    Word. Thanks for being awesome Murph. Always helpful and friendly.
  9. Murphie Reply
    Melinda- Thank you for being awesome! Way to go on the handstands. I can't wait to see you doing them all on your own. How did the wod go? You're very inspirational and fun to be around. Keep it up! Philip- Thank you for being awesome too. I have to sincerely thank you for pushing me through the end of these wods.. I can't thank you enough for the encouragement you're always there to share. Ashley- I'm totally in for dinner. Great idea!
  10. Anna Reply
    Ashley, count me in for dinner. I'll be going through serious crossfit withdrawal by the 15th so it will be nice to get out and see everyone. Tonight's my last WOD for a couple of weeks.
  11. Ashley D Reply
    Anna - Good luck w/your surgery! You'll be missed! Take care and get well soon!

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