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Brother Of Fran

On Saturday, September 26th CrossFit Durham will take part in Fight Gone Bad IV, a nationwide fundraiser benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project and Athletes For A Cure.  Click here to register for our Team and let’s raise $10,000 for these two worthy causes.  Learn more about what we have planned under Upcoming Events.

**Gym News**
We just added 500 square feet of rubber mats to expand our useable workout space!  Coming Soon–“Small grip-friendly” garage door pullup bar, cubbies to keep your stuff in while you WOD, and a key rack for your car keys!

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WOD for Thursday 090730Today’s Schedule — Click Here
For Time:
50 Thrusters (95/65)
50 Pullups

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Old gym flashback with Becky T

  1. Lori F Reply
    Becky looks so YOUNG in this photo! ;-) Sarah KILLED the deadlifts today - 215 for 5! she ROCKS... i got to 195 for 5 and was happy with it... RX'ed the WOD [no bands -yay!] at 10:42 and my hands are t-i-r-e-d!
  2. lindsay hill Reply
    So it looks like it is down to the Hills and Becky for the mud run, so we need another person if we want to compete, so if anyone is interested, let us know, i won't cry if i don't get to do it. Today was pretty rough...discovered a new crossfit injury, and got band burn on my stomach, which tells me i need to get my rx pull ups.
  3. Matt H Reply
    315 for 5.....had 365 once but there was no way i was getting 5 8.16 for wod....thrusters are my new "hated" exercise.....blah ps. I have an ironman on aug if anybody finds themselves working out with me, please push me because I'm beat down and could use a little push every so often....trash talk is encouraged
  4. Kelli McLaughlin Reply
    185 for 5. 12something for the wod. did all kipping pullups for the first time...thanks for pushing me dave! too bad i'm a wimp and had to drop down to 53lb thrusters :( Would've felt good to have an Rx next to my name in a wod with pullups. Oh well...i'll get 'em next time. and matt, suck it up buttercup...nobody likes a whiner ;)
  5. Matt H Reply
    who was the whiner yesterday Kel? There's no crying in Sparta!! If you guys need a 4th for the mud run I'm in. Unfortunately I have no car and live across from meadowmont in Chapel Hill....I'll throw in for gas and what not
  6. becky Reply
    this workout looks horrible...glad it's my day off :) re: mud run... if everyone really wants to go, i'll do. However, if it's the "i'll do it if you do it" type thing, which it seems to be, I propose we save our energy, come kick ass in Saturday's class, and put the $25 registration fee we would have used into the September FGB fundraiser coffers. If it's mud people want...there's a nice patch of grass in front of the gym...
  7. Sarah D Reply
    Was going to take a rest day today, but I decided to rest tomorrow. Hit 255 x 5 today on the Deadlift. 5:50 Rx for the WOD, pullups chest to bar.
  8. Jay B Reply
    Hey guys. Is it possible to post the following day's WOD any earlier than 10:30? thanks.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Hey Jay The WOD is posted at 10pm each night Monday through Friday and around 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Really, we sometimes hesitate at posting it at all. Folks have a tendency to "cherry pick" which WODs they do if they know them in advance, which is not keeping with the idea of CrossFit, and in general isn't the best way to improve fitness. would be happy to discuss further offline if you wanna send me an email:

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