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Cleaning It All Up

Carolina Fitness Challenge coming December 11th!
Volunteers Needed!  Email Dave if you’d like to be a volunteer

WOD for Wednesday 111010 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
21-15-9 For Time:
Power Clean (135/95)

Post Clean Loads and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do 12 Cleans.  Progressively add weight up to a comfortable “working” weight.  You should not really miss anymore than 3-4 attempts.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Cleans should be received in a full front squat.   

For the Metcon, consider using a Clean load of 60% 1RM to maximize power output and intensity. 

Upcoming Foundations CourseFINAL CLASS OF 2010!
Starting Thursday, December 2nd (Tues/Thurs 7pm)

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CrossFit Gymnastics Certification – Sat/Sun, December 4/5
Carolina Fitness Challenge – Sat, December 11
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Knees To Elbows How-To and How-Not-To!

  1. charlie Reply
    OK, time for a break. Today was a serious labor. Maxed out at 195 on the cleans. Rather than trying to equal my PR of 205, I tried to best it with a 210. Failed on 3 attempts. Then proceeded to struggle through 45 very ugly power cleans and KTE. 7:05 Rx. Max was a freaking beast.
  2. shayne Reply
    10# PR on my clean - up to 105#. used 70# for the WOD (previous WODs w/power cleans i've used 65#). 7:26. yay for getting stronger!
  3. Doug Reply
    I did one of the ugliest cleans ever today, and I think everyone at 8:30 was watching when i did it. Bending the arms on the pull, Check Missing my shoulder when I went to catch the weight, and then forcing the bar into submission, Check Rounded back during the front squat, Check Terrible day for me with the cleans, they won. I did get that fucker up though. Then the WOD came around, and my cleans were still sucking (hello bending my arms). 7:45 RX SATURDAY Ok, Pain storm for real this Saturday, 11 AM (open gym). The WOD on Saturday is a group WOD, and let's do the body weight/height Pain Storm workout after. I'll be at the 9AM class for the normal workout
  4. lindsay hilll Reply
    The gym was almost silent when Doug did that clean so everybody had to watch. It was quite impressive that he stuck to it rather than dropping it. I had a bit of a rough time today but am still alive.
  5. Max M. Reply
    Felt good today. Had problems stickin the squat, probably little weakness in hips and core from OHSs last night, still tied my 1RM at 185. 60% of that is 105ish,so 105 for WOD. Mostly good form, one or two nasty KTE. Probably could've gone 5-10lbs heavier and still had good intensity. 6:57.
  6. Ashley Reply
    I'm totally down for both the pain storm WOD and team WOD on Saturday. I'm not working, so I'll be there for both. Do you think it would be smarter to go lighter on the ground to OVH and do more reps? I did the math (well, Jonathan did the math) and I can either do 95# for 71 reps or 85# for 80. I think dropping 10# for only 9 more reps is the better option. Thoughts? I made up my own WOD today. Needing to work on running and longer metcons so I did. 20 min AMRAP Run 400 7 CTB 7 power clean and jerks (95#) 5 rounds + 200 meters on the last run If I were to do that again I would increase the reps of CTB to 10 (possibly 12 reps) and the power clean and jerks to 8. I went through the CTB much quicker than I thought I would. I think no longer letting myself stress over CTB has allowed me to get better at them.
  7. Jason Reply
    Ashley.....That looks like a good WOD. I think I'll have to try something like that the next time I do open gym. I'll go with 10 on the CTB.
  8. shayne Reply
    i'm in for painstorm, too, but it might take me a while (or some scaling, i suppose). for those that might be interested and are wondering what it is: Take a total of 50 x your body weight from the ground to overhead, and box jump a total of 75 x your height. Select load for GTOH, box jump height, and partition as desired. ( so... i guess 'ground to overhead' means no rack? ;)
  9. Recovering Runner, Paul Reply
    Painstorm sounds like it favors short, light people. This seems rather unfair to tall, heavy people. I protest. I protest that we don't do workouts like this more frequently. I did the math, and I'll have to lift 67.5 lb and jump 49.5". Is this a vertical jump, because I short can't jump 4' horizontally. I did the math for Stew. He'd have to lift 150 lb and jump 63".
  10. Recovering Runner, Paul Reply
    Sure, not short. Damn iPad.
  11. Charlie Reply
    God I would love to come for the bodyweight wod but, alas, I'll be en route to DC for a night of debauchery. And Ashley, I do think you'd have an easier time lightening up and increasing the reps. Were I to do it, I would most certainly go with 115 rather than 135 for the same reasons.
  12. jonathan d Reply
    paul, the painstorm math is... 50 x Bodyweight, then divide that by how much weight you will use to determine # of reps. 75 x height in inches, then divide by 24" to determine # of box jumps. for me... 50 x 165 = 8250 / 115lbs = 72 reps 75 x 72 = 5400 / 24" = 225 box jumps i don't have much interest in doing 225 box jumps, so we'll see about this on saturday.
  13. shayne Reply
    @Jonathan if you slouch we'll let you do fewer ;) yeah I'm not looking forward to 259 box jumps @ 20". but hey, we'll have an hour - you got something better to do? :p
  14. Nemo Reply
    Finally got the 200# squat clean. I attribute it to my damn sexy Romaleos.
  15. Dave Reply
    If anyone is available and willing, on Saturday afternoon from about noon to 2pm I'm going to try to fix the mats downs so they'll stop moving around on us. I'd love the help if anyone can. thanks!
  16. Chris C. Reply
    I think staggering the seams would help the mats.
  17. Ashley Reply
    I think Chris might be right about the mats.

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