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WOD for Thursday 111711Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Back Squat
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Clusters (135/95)
50 Double Unders

Post Back Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 7 single rep Back Squats going as heavy as possible.

For the conditioning workout, sub parallette jumps for Double Unders.  For a cluster, clean the bar from the floor to a full front squat and then take it directly overhead like a Thruster (see here).  This workout comes courtesy of Coach Sarah…she’s mean!

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm with Coach Paul!

Painting – done!  Wall demo – done!  Wall framing – done! New Pullup Rig – done!  Still need to organize the space, hang new posters and banners, install artificial turf surface in new space (cool!), put up whiteboards and PR boards, install new stereo system.  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of weeks!

Colonel Clusterf*&k — (NOT safe for work, family, or anyone easily offended)

  1. Paul k Reply
    255# on the back squats. That's a huge climb over my previous PR of 185. Very psyched for that. The METCON was awesome and simultaneously humbling. 10:55 No where near Rx. Apparently, I'm getting stronger, but not more coordinated. ;-) Now, I know where I need to focus.
  2. Doug Reply
    6:15 class: 1. Just a reminder, bars do not live on the pull up bar in the racks. They must be put back in the floor racks 2. Whoever did 115#'s for the workout should step up and claim putting 2 x 35# bumpers in the wrong pile of plates. Either someone claims the screw up, or everyone from 6:15 has 70 burpees. Seriously guys, put your weights away correctly. This isn't rocket science.
  3. Doug Reply
    Missed 345#'s twice on back squat, stalled and lost my upright posture... Next time damnit 7:58rx on the WOD, DU's were stringing nicely.
  4. (mean) Sarah G Reply
    Thanks to the 8:30 class for welcoming this evening regular! Really fun class and I know there were lots of back squat PRs- Matt, Paul, Lindsey to nc a few that I saw. Nice work everyone! PR of 230# back squat (finally!) and something like 10:45 Rx on the wod.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Sarah, Matt, and Lindsey were all at 8:30 today?!? :( :( :(
    • Dave Reply
      One of the biggest 8:30 crowds in some time. Nice work everyone!! Big thanks to Coach Sarah for helping organize things around the gym. Getting closer to being finished!
  6. Cliffnov Reply
    Ok, Doug. Don't keep me in suspense. You missed 345, but how'd you do before that? Did you break 335?

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