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Covered In Filth

WOD for Monday 1000509Today’s Schedule — Click Here
“Filthy Fifty”
For Time:
50 Box Jumps
50 Jumping Pullups
50 KB Swings (45/25)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees To Elbows
50 Push Press (45/35)
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Ball (20/12)
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

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This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  It should be completed in under 30 minutes.  Scale loads accordingly to allow you to finish within this time frame to maximize power output and intensity. 

What is your least favorite exercise of the “Filthy Fifty”?  Most favorite? Post answers to comments.

  1. Allison B Reply
    My first Filthy Fifty- 34 something...Rx. So great to see so many people kicking butt at 6:15am! Least favorite: this is a no brainer. I HATE BURPEES. Most favorite: double unders :-)
  2. Lori F Reply
    yeah, KTEs and burpees killed me. did it in 24:45. great fun was had by all.
  3. becky Reply
    in terms of pain - ghd back extensions were probably the worst. 24" box jumps weren't as bad as i thought, except for nearly face planting a few times :) for time suck, KTEs and burpees took forever (my DUs still need improvement but that's a given). 29 something rx (using 35 lb KB not 25 because my old notes have me using that...why?!)
  4. Sarah D Reply
    Hey there Becky, You probably had 25 lbs for the KB Swings because the men's official Rx weight is 1 pood, or 35lbs. Women will often just use the 35 lbs KB anyway, just because it is a common weight to use. Rx is 35/25, generally. Way to scale up!
  5. becky Reply
    article on barefoot running -,0,5107405,full.column worth a read primarily for this line: "Barefoot Ken, as he is known (all accomplished barefooters routinely use "barefoot" before their names), hates shoes."
  6. mandy j. Reply
    i almost threw up. 33:28 (i think)-- couldnt rx KTEs, but got my ass kicked enough by everything else. awesome. as for todays question: favorite/easiest= push presses least favorite/shittiest= burpees
  7. lindsay hill Reply
    so today i may have learned a lesson in overtraining. yesterday i did 50 burpee pull ups and then the wod (because i quit at 50 when i set out to do 100, i felt guilty) filthy fift time was 3 minutes slower than last time, the least favorite part was burpees, or wall balls (my shoulders are not functioning properly right now) and most favorite is normally double unders, but i was so tired, it wasn't going well. becky thank you for that dawned on me why the five fingers bother me so...not just that i hate anything between my toes, but also because i really really really love shoes. maybe one day i will change my mind...
  8. Jessica Reply
    Thank you, Dave, for coaching me through the push presses, which was definitely my low point today. Someday I will figure out how to straighten my arms. But even so, the burpees sucked most. Is there such a thing as a pinch burpeer?
  9. Sarah D Reply
    I want to shout out to everyone who did the Filthy Fifty today. That workout is no joke! Tony, Doug, Mikel-- amazing job with this WOD tonight! I loved getting the chance to cheer you all on. Nice work! Nelly, I rarely see people push themselves as hard as you did. It is no small feat to finish that amount of work, but to finish strong and push yourself when you are already in pain-- that takes heart!
  10. Doug Reply
    Thanks Sarah, I enjoyed it? I wasn't so sure how it would go, but I had one part right, the wall balls absolutely sucked! I rather enjoyed the box jumps and the double unders, but those damn wall balls.....
  11. Sara C Reply
    Double unders were not fun...ended up subbing box jumps because the jump rope and I were in a fight that it was clearly winning... Weirdly, minus the whole it really kicked my ass phenomenon, I like this workout a lot :-D

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