Dead Ball Foul -- WOD for 040610 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Dead Ball Foul

Saturday, April 17th, 12pm-3pm!

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WOD for Tuesday 040610 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
For Time:
12 Deadlifts (225/155)
40 Wall Ball (20/12)
9 Deadlifts
30 Wall Ball
6 Deadlifts
20 Wall Ball

3 Deadlift
10 Wall Ball

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The load for the Deadlift in this WOD is designed to be heavy.  Make sure you warm up appropriately.  Consider using a load of 55% 1RM to maximize power output and intensity.   

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  1. Bill Reply
    GO DUKE!!!!! in other news, i would like to officially congratulate UNC on their 67th place finish. nice job guys. :) in other other news, still recovering from Fran+Total. hopefully back tomorrow. Go Duke.
  2. Phillip B Reply
    (I think Bill might be a Duke fan.) I had to secretly root for Butler (you know you did too) even though Duke's victory means I won both of my bracket tournements. As for the survey question? Let's just say I needed to read this article more than most.
  3. Ashley D Reply
    my posts are always so long. sorry guys... i'd like to think i'm coachable, but i'm not coaching me, so i don't really know. however, if i ever have problem with anyone it's guys.. and usually new guys on top of that. some new guys just don't like being corrected by a girl. it makes the not nice ashley come out for a bit. my wods: 1) strict press 3 x 12 @ 50% of 1RM - used 50# 2) max reps of ring dips - seeing that i can only do 5 max ring dips w/out a band i used the red band and made sure my shoulders touched the rings when down and arms fully extended when up. 15, 12, 10, 8, 10 3)5 x 20 ghd sit-ups. i wanted to throw-up on the last 7 or so 4)tabata push-ups: (total reps) 14, 10, 7, 7, 6, 6, 7, 7 = 64 5)with a 6 minute running clock: row 1k then amrap double unders for remaining time after row. i was horribly sluggish on my row - 4:04 which sucks. i couldn't do a double under either - only got 45. jonathan did this with me. yay him! he did great! and then he did it again... crazy boy.
  4. lindsay hill Reply
    got through the first part of this wod and realized it should have been a rest day. Took yesterday off but it wasn't quite enough, also think i wasn't properly hydrated etc. and i have been eating like crap the past few days. does grumbling about corrections make you uncoachable? i believe for the most part i take corrections well, and a lot of times i get frustrated with myself... i realize now though it may seem like i am talking back. and bill...awesome job, you guys beat a little...almost losing to a halfcourt buzzer shot...that is something to be proud of.

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