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Dead Shot

The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Couples Throwdown is Saturday! 

Time is running out to sign up!  More info

WOD for Wednesday 020812Click Here For Today’s Schedule
AMRAP in 8 minutes:
8 Deadlifts (255/165)
8 Ring Dips
16 KB Snatch (8 right/8 left) (52/35)
–Rest as needed
AMRAP in 2 minutes:
Double Unders

Post Deadlift Loads and Rounds For Each AMRAP to Comments
For the strength segment, add weight to the bar each set and work up to the heaviest 1 rep Deadlift for the day.  Lower all reps, even PRs, to the floor.  See Kelly Starrett below for some good Deadlift mobility drills.

For the conditioning workout, scale Deadlift to around 70% 1RM.  Perform bar dips in lieu of Ring Dips .  Rest as needed before doing the max rep Double Unders.  If you can’t do DUs, perform max rep Burpees in 2 minutes.

Kelly Starrett mobilizing to maximize the Deadlift!

  1. Troie Reply
    Worked up to a single of 385 for deads...went for 405 and nothing happened. Previous 1RM sitting at 415 from last year...won't be long now. Did the metcon with 255# and was able to do 3 rounds + 22 reps...then 85 DUs. This was quite the struggle as Brandon and I found out. Called it a day after that. See yall tomorrow.
  2. Cliffnov Reply
    Today, in spite of completely shot hamstrings, I hit a new front squat PR at 275, then followed it up with triples at 215, 225, and 235, a single at 245, and then two sets of five at 185.
    • Dave Reply
      Nice work, Cliff

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