Death Becomes Her -- WOD for 031811 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Death Becomes Her

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WOD for Friday 031811 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule

100 per leg

“Death By Pullup”
Perform 1 pullup the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc until you can’t complete the prescribed number or reps for that minute.

Post Number of Pullup Rounds to Comments
For the gymnastics strength segment,  we are working on lunges.  Keep your knee over the ankle in the bottom.  For shoulder burn raise hands and arms locked out over your head.  This is for form, not time.  Make each rep count.  Rest as needed.  This is more about proper technique than just getting as many reps as you can.  Get GOOD reps!

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-8pm!

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  1. Dave Reply
    last call for this week's order for paleokits, just jerky, and paleo krunch. post asap if you want any
  2. Dave Reply
    Part of the website crashed (see missing sidebar items). hopefully it'll be fixed in a couple days. if anything is missing that you need right away just send me an email (
  3. Doug Reply
    10 Rounds with mostly dead hangs. Did a little kipping in the middle, but mainly didn't want to wreck my hands. Brad kicked ass and took names, got through 15 rounds and did at least through round 13 unbroken.
  4. Cliff Dyer Reply
    I only got 8 rounds, but I got them Rx. First 3.5 rounds were dead hang pull-ups. The rest were kipping. I did a 9th round jumping, but I'd rather count 8 rounds Rx.
  5. Mike K Reply
    Death by anything is always harder than it looks... Luckily, I will be resting every Friday for the next 6 weeks so I had to miss this gem. Get excited everyone...tomorrow is the official scoring of the First Open WOD! We're all doing it, might as well sign up for the team.
  6. Mike K Reply
    Also Dave, How is tomorrow going to work
  7. Brad Reply
    Thanks Doug, I just wish I could do pullups once without tearing open part of my hand. Josh also had an impressive effort with 11 rounds, 1 more than he though he would get.
  8. Bleeding Heart & Hands, Paul Reply
    15 rounds + 15 (damn!) pus for round of 16. I'm unable to applaud.
  9. Jayme Reply
    In traditional gyms, there seems to be a culture of wearing weightlifting gloves. Why isn't that one of Crossfit's cultural mores?
    • Dave Reply
      Some CF's see gloves as a sign of weakness. They like to be tough and rugged (see Paul Potorti's Facebook pics today). Mark Rippetoe is quoted as saying "If you insist on wearing gloves, be sure they match your purse." Whether or not this is true or not, gloves are generally not a good tool unless you are using them to cover an injury on your hand so you can complete your workout. Gloves will reduce your proprioception on the barbell, kettlebell, or, even worse, the pullup bar. This could be very dangerous (especially on a thicker pullup bar like ours). It increases the thickness of any bar you're holding which means you're more likely to let go or fall off. They may also useful for high volume kettlebell or pullup days provided you're extra aware of the danger of letting go. Oh, and they don't really do anything to prevent callous buildup, which is why most people who wear them do. Proper handcare (google articles abound on this topic) is much more helpful and important for keeping your hands looking, feeling, and performing well.
    • Dave Reply
      And on a related note, most of what is "culture" in traditional gyms is generally silly, which is why you don't see a lot of the same things in CrossFit.
  10. Doug Reply
    Like us crossfiters have "culture". hah!
  11. Jef Reply
    Hey Dave, I was wondering if somebody we be at the gym to judge tonight when I do the games WOD. Also if it's acceptable to the WOD before u register? I haven't registered yet because I only have visa, which they don't except
    • Dave Reply
      I'll be there. we'll get you judged. and yes you can. as long as you get registered, enter your score, and I validate it online by Monday afternoon
  12. Lindsey Reply
    Since I'm out of town this week and will be missing the first Open WOD, Northwest Crossfit was nice enough to let me do it at their box today (thanks for the rec, Mats!) AMRAP 10 min 30 DUs 15 power snatches 5 Rounds + 3 DUs Yuck. I hate snatches. And have no grip strength whatsoever. At least it's done. After that 10 minutes of fun, I decided to stay and do their WOD...which turned out to be "Angie". I love Angie! 17:30 Rx (broken into 10 rounds of 10) I could barely hang on to their nice and thin pull-up bar. :) NW Crossfit has been awesome and so accommodating! But I really miss CFD! Have fun with the WOD's great...really... See y'all next week!
    • Dave Reply
      Nice work, Lindsey! Make sure you enter your WOD results online and indicate where you completed it so they can validate your score.
  13. Mike K Reply
    @ Jef - are you sure? I most certainly used my Visa to register...
  14. Bleeding Heart & Hands, Paul Reply
    Dear Michael Kelley, How are you? I am fine. Will you sit beside me during Z-Fit seminar? Circle one: Yes No Maybe. Your friend, Paul P.S. I hate you
  15. Mike K Reply
    Paul, I circled yes! I also circled no and maybe. I guess it will have to be a surprise...
  16. Jed Reply
    Mike you were right . I probably shouldn't try to do anything productive at 2 am.Also, Mike go kill it I'm expecting you to get 7+. I did the WOD today and ended with 5rds 30 DU and 12 Snatches so with a score of 267 its puts me squarely at position 931 which i'm sure won't hold but if I had gotten 3 more reps my rank would jump 200 positions. Wish I had another shot at it.
  17. Monster Mats Reply
    I missed deadlifts yesterday, so I made them up today instead of doing lunges. 5 x 215 lb, 3 x 245 lb, 5 x 270 lb. I scaled up this WOD with muscle ups. I only got 5 reps on minute 7. I ended up jumping onto the pullup bar and continued on with pullups. I made it to minute 15, but threw in the towel once I started bleeding on the bar.

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