Dip, Push, and Press -- WOD for 090702 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Dip, Push, and Press

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Thursday 090702
For Time:
25 Ring Dips
Run 400m
25 Pushups
Run 400m
25 Handstand Pushups
Run 400m

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Handstand Pushup Progressions

  1. Becky N Reply
    Basil and anyone else that is interested in a "team Dunsey" shirt. there is one large left and two XL left. Basil I can bring in the large today and you can leave $25 in the envelope on the white board. I have a list of some folks who would like me to order some smalls and mediums. I will order 6 small and 6 mediums (because the minimum order is 12) let me know if you want a S,M, or XL or if anyone wants me to order more L's. Thanks again for everyone's support - y'all are the best.
  2. Shane F Reply
    And it was all going so well....until the HSPUs. No telling how long they took (7-ish?), most were sets of two. Thanks for the help Dave. 13:40 Rx.
  3. Alex Reply
    I just heard about this 'Pin the Snatch on the Dunsey' things... very clever to whoever came up with it
  4. mandy j . Reply
    i did a wod with sarah this morning after being off a couple days. for time: row 500 9 push press @ 115 row 500 6 push press @ 115 row 500 3 push press @ 115 i think it took me about 9 minutes... it was hard to hear sarah say my time when i was curled up in the fetal position, heaving on the platform. good to be back. sarah- you are an animal. im getting "very excite" for these games, woman! WOOOO!
  5. Basil Reply
    Becky, Thanks, I will be at the 5pm class, I'll leave $25 on the white board.
  6. Lori F Reply
    The HSPUs killed me too! Also, did ring rows instead of ringdips [am nursing some pain in my right bicep]. Done in 11:55... but it felt like an hour.
  7. Tom Reply
    Yeah those HSPU, SUCKED! The thing that got me through was the old "when tired switch hand spacing" trick from doing military PT tests (and the fact that I have really short arms) 10:03, RX, is what I got it done in, but the HSPU about killed me!
  8. B. Kiddo Reply
    Did anyone else feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex while running after doing the push-ups? I felt like I did not know what to do with my arms; running with them in the normal position was out of the question at that point and even more so after the HSPUs.
  9. Dave Rubin Reply
    T-Rex arms = awesome!
  10. Allison B Reply
    Finished in 10:49. Am I the only person who likes HSPU?!?! Maybe it's because I was born with T-rex arms...

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