Dirty Diane -- WOD for 092009 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Dirty Diane

Fight Gone Bad IV Participants!  
Are you ready for the Fight???  Are your donations in order?

WOD for Sunday 090920Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Deadlifts (225/185)
Handstand Pushups

Post Scaling and Time to Comments
This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  Scale appropriately and give it a go.

Open Gym today from 10am-11am!  
**Weekend Survey Question**
Would you be in favor of drinking beer after Fight Gone Bad IV next Saturday?

  1. Sarah D Reply
    Hey Greg, Just wondering where that WOD from today (Saturday) came from-- the front squat/burpee/sit up WOD. I did GHDs and the combo was great. Is that a Greg WOD or another box's WOD??
    • Dave Reply
      Thanks to Becky and Sara for the Rowing Clinic today! Great stuff!!!
  2. Naomi Reply
    I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon today. Got a PR (15th half). During every race, I seem to have a dark night of the soul moment, questioning why the hell I think I'm doing this. I reminded myself that this time last year, I could do neither one pullup nor situp. Now I can get through all the pullups in FRAN (band assist - no shame), and I can do WODS that have upwards of 150 abmat situps. So, YEAH CROSSFIT! Thank you to all the coaches and athletes who always inspire and motivate me. OK, off to drink some beer. Oh, do you think I can count today as an 18 miler, since I walked 2.5 miles both to and back to the hotel? I'm thinking yes.
    • Dave Reply
      Great work Naomi....and Frank! send me some pics
  3. Naomi Reply
    I'm also supposed to tell you that my hubby got a PR today as well. I'm making him do pullups, situps, etc., at home. He's the guy!
  4. Kevin Reply
    What else would we do...that is after we recover?
  5. Kevin Reply
    My comment was for the Weekend Survey. Great job Naomi. It is amazing what Crossfit can help one achieve.

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