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Double Play

The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Couples Throwdown returns Saturday! 

Time is running out to sign up!  More info

WOD for Tuesday 020712Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 Strict Reps
AMRAP in 6 minutes:
5 Press (80% 1RM)
10 Toes To Bar
Rest 3 minutes
AMRAP in 6 minutes:
5 Push Press (same weight)
10 Ball Slams

Post Rounds For Each AMRAP to Comments
For the skill segment, perform 50 strict parallette shoot throughs.  You should pause in each position for a 1-count.  Do not try and finish all 50 reps as quickly as possible.  Focus on making each movement precise and perfect!

For the conditioning workout, scale the Back Squat load to 40% 1RM if bodyweight is too heavy.  Run the 800m like you’re being chased by a hungry tiger.

Tucker of CF Gymnastics on Midline Progressions on Parallettes!  Try some of these today!

  1. Paul K Reply
    Very up and down day. With the recent weight loss following the standard process cleanse under Coach/Dr. Stew's direction, I can now curl myself up tight enough to execute parallette shoot throughs! Very cool! They're not text book, but they're clean. On the flip side, I had to check my ego and drop from 115(Rx) to 95# between sections of the METCON. By the end of the first round, I had NOTHING left for push presses at the RX weight. Balls slams as always were a treat! Great WOD, completely smoked me.
  2. Troie Reply
    Great job Paul! Keep it up man. I did 3x5 supersets of weighted ring dips and weighted ring pullups. Did all 3 sets with a 40# KB for the dips and a 25# KB for the pullups. The pullups were much harder than I thought. Did the metcon with exactly 80% Press 1RM which was 120#. Was able to complete 4 rounds + 1 rep on the first amrap and then six rounds + 1 rep on the 2nd amrap. s.m.o.k.e.d. Then worked on pistols: every min on min for 10 mins, did 6 pistols. Then finished with 5 sets of max squat hold. All were between 30-40 seconds. Thank you Ashley Denton for playing some Silverchair!
  3. Paul K Reply
    Thanks Troie. That was some sick looking work on the rings. Nice work. Realized I failed to post my METCON rounds. 4 complete rounds on the first AMRAP. 5 Rounds and the push presses on the second AMRAP.

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