Dueling Pistols - WOD for 021712 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Dueling Pistols

Caleb Ward will be here TOMORROW! 

There are just 2 spots left for this day long seminar…and it’s only $100!

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WOD for Friday 021712Click Here For Today’s Schedule
30 Rounds For Time:
1 Pistol – right
1 Pistol – left
1 Deadhang Pullup

Post Clean Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, perform sets of Cleans working up to a heavy set of three.  You should be resetting your position for each rep…don’t rush.  Receive the bar in a full front squat.

For the conditioning workout, no matter how you scale your Pistols be sure you are passing through full ROM and make sure your knee stays tracked with your toes.

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-7:45pm!

Caleb Ward is coming tomorrow!  Don’t miss the chance to train with this guy!

  1. Paul K Reply
    It's official. I'm extremely pleased with the new Adidias Pro Lift lifting shoes. I felt rock solid on the floor during the cleans today. So solid that after I got a new PR of 150 3RM, I got cocky and went for 160. Got two of three, then jammed myself up on the third lift. NOW I understand why everyone says to get your elbows up and out front. My left elbow got jammed against my thigh and the weight of the bar on my wrist really torqued my arm. Don't think it's serous, but damn it hurt at the time. Did the METCON upright assisted pistols and a blue band for pullups -- Finished in 10:17 or so, I think? Failed to record it in my book, but Stew posted it on the board.
  2. Doug Reply
    Squat cleans were not happy today. Worked up to 220#'s and toyed around with my form (not extending my legs too soon). 8:58 rx (ish) on the Pistols. There were a couple of really suspect pistols on my left leg. Really great workout for working on the pistols
  3. Troie Reply
    Brandon and I worked on the Clean. I worked up to a triple at 205# and put 210# on the bar and did a single. I didn't try for anymore because I could feel my form quickly fading into thin air. I knew the metcon would have been too easy if I had just used my body weight, so I decided to wear the vest. It still was no problem at all :). That WOD made me high as a kite. Thanks to all the work I've put in lately on pistols and rock climbing (THANK YOU KRISTEN)! I then worked on HSPUs against the wall. I started with my hands about a foot from the wall and did 5 reps, then every set after, I would inch closer to the wall and finally finishing with a few slow and strict singles. Straight up and down baby!
  4. Troie Reply
    Oh yeah metcon time was 7:15.

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