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Running Workouts


Group Running Workouts are held:

Monday 6:00pm
Friday 6:00pm

Workouts are open to all CrossFit Durham members.

If you are not a member with us, but would like to participate in our Running Workouts contact us here for more information.

Running Foundations Program


Whether you are training for your first 5k race or you’re an experienced marathoner, prepare for your racing season by improving your running technique and conditioning with our Running and Endurance Coaching Program. Not only will we get you ready for your race, but we’ll likely help you do it with lower training volume than you’ve ever used before!

The Running and Endurance Coaching Program includes:

  • 5 personalized one-on-one training sessions
  • Before and After video analysis of your running mechanics
  • Drills to improve your running efficiency and technique
  • Physical conditioning exercises designed to improve your VO2 max and range of motion, and decrease your chance of injury
  • Training sessions scheduled at your convenience

The cost of this program is $299. Sessions are conducted with CrossFit Durham Coaches Greg Woods, Rich Yaxley, and Ashley Totten, all of whom are CrossFit Endurance Training Certified. They have coached athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced and advocate using the high intensity training methods of CrossFit to improve endurance performance.

Contact us here for more info or click here to sign up!