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Everybody Say Jump, Jump

Come work off your Halloween candy today!

WOD for Tuesday 110111Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Handstands and Handstand Pushups
Take 20 minutes to practice Handstands against the wall and HSPUs if you’re able
For Time:
Run 400m
5 Rounds:  15 Jumping Squats/10 Pushups
Run 400m

Post Workout Time to Comments
For the skill segment, practice your Handstands and Handstand pushups.  Please take your shoes off 🙂

For the conditioning workout, run 400m at the beginning and end of the workout.  Scale up to the Jumping Squats with a bar below if you’d like (RX+) and also to hand release pushups (RX+).

Painting in the new room is just about finished…wall ball stripe to be added along with some touch up.  We still need to extend the wall ball stripe in the current space and paint the remaining section of the big wall (except for the logo)  Demo on the wall up by the garage door should take place early this week, which will make room for our new “check in” area.  We began moving the platforms to the new space and reorganizing the gym mats.  New Pullup Rig should arrive and begin being assembled later this week.  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of weeks!

Coach Burgener on Jumping Squats (you’re choice to scale up to these in today’s workout)

Looking for jumping squat videos I found this

  1. Doug Reply
    HSPU went OK, did about 12 or so total before I gave up on them. Shoulder felt really good, hopefully it will tomorrow. 8:10 RX + (Bar squat jumps and HR push up). Concrete shoes for the last 400
  2. Paul K Reply
    Whoa! Turns out I can do a handstand! I had no clue. Did probably 6-8 handstands up against the wall, just hanging out inverted as long as I could. Tried 1 HSPU on the second to last rep. Let's just say I did a really well controlled "negative." ;-) Got my head to the ABMAT nice and smooth. There was NOTHING there to get back up. Oh well. Did the METCON Rx in 9:52. Pleased with that. It's not often I even get to say Rx. Good day all around.
  3. Brad L Reply
    Today's mainsite WOD would be great once the gym is finished, hint hint. I also got a free standing HSPU today.
    • Dave Reply
      Looks fun, Brad :)

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