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Fearsome Foursome

Info Session for the 2012 Look Better Naked Challenge – TODAY at noon!

Squat Clinic with Coach Stew – Next Sunday, 12-2pm!

WOD for Sunday 010812Click Here For Today’s Schedule
POSE Running Drills
In teams of four, complete as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes of:
Run 400m
20 Burpees
50 feet Walking Lunges with Dumbbells
20 Wall Ball (20/12)

Only one partner works at a time.  You can divide the work up any way you choose.

Post Workout Rounds to Comments
For the skill segment, Coach Paul will lead you through a variety of running drills.

For the conditioning workout, use a load that’s suitable for each team member.

The First Step in Running, Dr. Romanov

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  1. Bill Reply
    Interesting workout today. I actually would have preferred the workout as written on this site. Having the entire team run a 400 actually made it feel much more like an individual workout (due to separation and the larger proportion of time spent running when compared to the other portions). Also, the scaling of some teams starting burpees before all members returned took away from the team aspect as well (though this is a reasonable logistical decision in order to not have some members doing nothing). The best part was definitely the lunges and wallballs where teammates were picking each other up and switching off reps for maximum speed. Those switch-offs kept the intensity high (with short breaks). Had the all run 400 requirement not been in place, the rest of the wod could have been like that as well.

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