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Fire Fight

Saturday, March 20th — Register here!

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WOD for Thursday 020410 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
“Six Shooter”
6 Rounds For Time:
6 Squat Cleans (135/95)
6 Pushups
6 KB Swings (52/35)
6 DB Thrusters (35/22)
6 Pullups 

6 Burpees

Post Time to Comments
Squat Cleans should be performed at 40% of 1RM to maximize power output and intensity.  Other movements should be scaled to allow you to do  all  6 reps of each movement each round without stopping.    

What is your favorite Super Bowl Sunday snack or drink?  Post answer to comments. 

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar — Sunday, February 21st — SOLD OUT!
BEAST SKILLS Gymnastics Seminar — Saturday, March 13th
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Saturday, March 20th

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  1. Phillip B Reply
    Favorite super bowl snack: powdered sugar donuts.
  2. Sara C Reply
    Hmm, I love taquitos, chips & five-layer salsa, and cold beer :-)
  3. Lori F Reply
    This wod was deceivingly difficult! I think Tom and i completed it around 16minutes, but we dont know because the clock stopped! ;-) favorite SB treat: Buffalo Chicken WINGZ! the spicier, the better!
  4. Patrick C. Reply
    Great job this morning 8:30am class. 14:33 RX. Squat cleans at 135lbs, kb swings at 55lbs, db thrusters at 35lbs. Keep up the great work everyone. Favorite SB treat: Five layer dip or pizza.
  5. Dave Reply
    Great work 8:30/11:30 crews today with a tough WOD! saw some very nice scaling choices and you saw the intensity that could bring! Favorite SB snack: pigs in a blanket
  6. Dave Reply
    Cool link from Concept 2
  7. Phillip B Reply
    Thursdays are synonymous with tough WOD. Kind of glad I have next Thursday off. 19:33 scaled. Those thrusters sucked.
  8. Ashley D Reply
    i agree w/phill - the thrusters were the hardest part. i scaled to 75#. thought about 95#, but wanted to not break up the cleans. and besides, 95# is way more than 40% of my 1 rep clean PR. it's all about keeping up the work capacity anyway. 14:43
  9. Phillip B Reply
    No doubt. Thanks for the form help & encouragement today Ashley. I was feeling mentally weak today so the assistance helped a lot. You's a good coach.
  10. Ashley D Reply
    thank you, i appreciate that! and you's a good student! :) it's always great working w/people who work hard and want to learn. i know i don't see you a lot b/c i'm mostly in the morning classes, but you've made a lot of progress. keep doing whatever you're doing b/c it's working. and btw - you've got some pretty cleans!
  11. sabah Reply
    Ok, sorry but this is getting too mushy for a CF box! here is a more appropriate conversation: Phillip B: Ashley, you are one badass instructor - thanks for kicking my butt - I hate you Ashley: You welcome - you got some today - keep on working hard and you might be a badass someday too. I think this kind of talk is essential for the psyche of everybody around.
  12. Phillip B Reply
    Sabah, you wanna talk about mushy? On your tip I went to Counter Culture today to have my first coffee cupping. Incredible experience.
  13. Ashley D Reply
    that's awesome. :)

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