Flight To Pukieville Now Boarding -- WOD for 090709 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Flight To Pukieville Now Boarding

4 Spots to be filled for the OLY SEMINAR on the 19th!

(if you want to attend, but have money issues please talk with Dave and we’ll try to work something out)

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Thursday 090709
5 Rounds For Time:
7 Deadlifts (275/185)
30 Air Squats
7 Handstand Pushups

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One Legged Box Jumps

  1. Tom Reply
    Oh yeah, THAT was fun! I really started feeling the deadlifts about mid-way through round three, but over all the work out is kinda made for little squat guys like me: 11:39 (RX) is what I knocked it down in.
  2. Naomi Reply
    What's a good sub for handstand pushups?
  3. Chad E Reply
    11:32 as rx'd That was fun.
  4. Matt H Reply
    Thanks to whoever came up with this workout....Im hobbling all over campus like Quasimodo, grunting profanities....like I'm gonna get any sympathy from the dude in the bathroom while Im grimacing while washing my hands... Couldn't do full handstand pushups....rocked out the dead lifts @ 275 (those sucked)though, extremely happy with that. no Rx'd but finished at 11.11
  5. Naomi Reply
    I can't decide if this one was fun or not. 125# on DL, did pushups on 24" box. Quads are shredded, but in a good way! 9:43
  6. Zack Reply
    Hey Greg and everyone at CrossFit Durham - thanks for letting me drop in while I was visiting and do the WOD at your box Tuesday morning. You guys have a great facility and great coaches! Your website is also sweet - lots of great links like the injury workaround ones, so I've started checking it on a daily basis. If any of you are ever up in Arlington, VA, come get your WOD on with us at Potomac CrossFit! Zack
  7. lindsay hill Reply
    The last time I deadlifted was the tabata day...where I made the mistake of doing 185 instead of 155, so today I stayed with 155....it took me forever (or 19ish minutes) I think my least favorite portion of this was the air squats.
  8. john hill Reply
    13:17 on the wod rx. and im feeling the dead in the dead lifts. 1130 crew was lookin strong today.

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