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Floor To Ceiling

Just over two weeks left to register for the Carolina Fitness Challenge
taking place at CrossFit Durham on Saturday, December 12th! 
Registration deadline: Nov. 30th

The event will be sponsored by Forged Clothing and Christian’s Fitness Factory! 

WOD for Tuesday 111709Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Back Squat
2 sets of max reps at Bodyweight (or a load you can complete for at least 10 reps)
Complete as many reps as possible in one set.  Rest.  Repeat.
21-15-9 For Time:
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)
Push Press 95/65)

Post Loads, Number of Reps, and Time to Comments
This WOD should be completed RX’d in 6-8 minutes.  Loads should be scaled accordingly to allow you to finish within in this timeframe and maxmize power output and intensity.   

Weightlfiting shoes, chuck taylors, running shoes….do they make a difference in your workout?  Post answer to comments.

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100 Bodyweight Back Squats?

  1. Matt H Reply
    workout shoes depend on the workout....honestly id prefer to workout in flip flops or barefoot. Any straight weight workout I'll use any sort of flats (puma or onitsuka tigers). If there is any running I'll wear some sort of running shoe, doesn't matter really, the most recent pair of cheap reebok running shoes I used for both UltraMarathons and Ironman I found worked better than most 120 dollar shoes I've purchased. After years of training for various things I don't waste money on fancy clothes or shoes. The gym is for work, its not a fashionshow....but thats just my opinion.
  2. Sara C Reply
    as far as workout gear, spandex is a must. Cotton is a sopping rag of blisters waiting to happen. I swear by my Asics for running - to each there own. honestly, good socks (not necessarily expensive) can make a world of difference. good socks do NOT contain cotton - see statement above. I think Chuck's and other flat shoes help weightlifting, or at least maxing out, but I have yet to get around to buying a pair.
  3. Dave Reply
    We just received Fight Gone Bad IV t-shirts for any of you who raised more than $150 for the event. You can pick them up at the gym! please cross your name off the list when you pick yours up
  4. Jack W. Reply
    Dave, Ollie and I picked our t-shirts up.
  5. john hill Reply
    weightlifting, running shoes make a difference in wod's at maximizing performance and reducing injury. it only takes one set of squats w weightlifting shoes to feel the difference. in crossfit though, it gets tricky when its a lifting/running wod.
  6. Lori F Reply
    I'm using lifting shoes. They definitely feel better when lifting, but i'm not sure that it's improved my 1RepMax'es or anything...
  7. Lori F Reply
    AND.... my guess is that Patrick C could do the 100 bodyweight squats with way better form - he hit 36 yesterday!

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