Forearm Massager -- WOD for 090723 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Forearm Massager

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on potential schedule changes!  Stay tuned for the next Poll Question!

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Thursday 090723Today’s WOD Schedule — Click Here
4 Rounds for time:
4 Walking Lunges
7 DB Cleans
  4 Walking Lunges
7 DB Front Squats
4 Walking Lunges
7 DB Push Presses
4 Walking Lunges
7 DB Split/Power Jerks

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Happy Birthday, Tripp!


  1. Lori F Reply
    Rest day for me - too bad, though - i like these "junk drawer" WODs! Anybody feeling the after-affects of Angie? I am sore in places i don't usually feel! See you guys at 6:15 tomorrow!
  2. Sarah D Reply
    For anyone who is interested in tracking their progress and comparing your current performance to previous times, we did this WOD in the old gym on 2/9/2009. We did 5 rounds for time. I remember that we did it outside on the cement slab in a horizontal line of people. We started at dusk and finished in the dark. Anyone remember that? I just looked at my log book, and I noticed that I had completely forgotten to mark down my time. Grr! Well, no time like the present to create a baseline.
  3. becky Reply
    I remember this! The "walking bear", right? Can't wait til 7...
  4. sara B Reply
    Lori, I am totally feeling Angie...everywhere.
  5. Rachel Reply
    Angie kicked my ass yesterday, and the 90% humidity indoors for the first two rounds finished me off this morning....I should have stayed home this morning and won't make that mistake tomorrow morning. :)
  6. Tom Reply
    My biz partner tapped me on the back this morning and I was like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE!!!" I am seriously feeling Angie today.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      If anyone picked up paleo kits from the recent batch and still may need to settle up please do it in the next day or so. We'd like to place another order.
  7. michael towne Reply
    angie was the first WOD i every ripped up my hands on. i dont like her.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Gang I'm in the process of registering a CF Durham Team to participate in the national Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser ( on Saturday, September 26th. I will get our Team link up on the website shortly. In the meantime, please post to comments if you think you will participate along with how much money you think we should set as our Team and Individual fundraising goals.
  8. Naomi Reply
    Happy Birthday, Tripp! I am taking today off in honor of my first time of doing WODs three days in a row. I have discovered new muscles that I didn't know I had, and they hurt. Bad. Love it.
  9. Basil Reply
    Great work 5pm class! only got to 5x135# on press, could do a couple at 145. Thanks Ollie for the encouragement on the WOD, we were keeping up with Tripp until he got on the 35 kettlebells and then he took off. Rx 12:[something] somehow Tripp and I did 2 rounds with one 27.5# and one 35#
  10. Melinda Reply
    Rest day for me. I've got one gigantic open sore on my hand though. My face scrub woke me up REAL quick this morning (salt + wounds=ouch). Thanks for all of the nice messages yesterday - I very much appreciate them.
  11. Matt H Reply
    11 something rx'd
  12. Becky N Reply
    This is Sarah. Becky is too sore to post. She did the WOD in 13 something (She does't remember. She was in too much pain). Rx though! Those 22's are heavy. This burrito is delicious, but it is filling! I added a little to my WOD... I am trying to keep speed in my weight-oriented WODS. So I ran about 150 meters at the beginning of each round. Finished in a little over 8 minutes.
  13. Allison B Reply
    Thinking of you all from Colorado. I'm hoping to get in to CF Breckenridge tomorrow if I can stop my hands from bleeding long enough to get through a WOD. Good times. Dave, I'd be up for the FGB fundraiser!
  14. Sara C Reply
    so I think I'm renaming this "Junk in the Trunk" workout. Lots of fun...I did 15lb, time I will push to do Rx. Thanks to everyone for their friendliness and help learning :-D
  15. Naomi Reply
    I think I'm in for the FGB fundraiser and will work on hubby to do it as well.

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