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Four By Fours

NC Race For The Triangle — TEAM MELINDA!

WOD for Friday 052711Click Here For Today’s Schedule
3 Rounds For Time:
12 Overhead Squats (135/95)
7 Muscle Ups

Post Deadlift Loads and Metcon Time to  Comments
For the strength segment, perform Deadlifts increasing weight each set up to the heaviest set of four you can do.

For the Metcon, consider scaling the OHS to 60% 1RM (it’s supposed to be fairly heavy today).  Use Muscle Up progressions if you can’t do full MU’s.

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-8pm!  Make up a missed WOD or work on your lifts!

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Muscle Ups!  From the “Bar-Barians”!  Say something about this video!

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  1. Gwen Reply
    Hey ladies! For anyone who hasn't heard, a bunch of us have been doing a girls' night the last Saturday of each month. That equals this Saturday! We'll meet for food at Nosh at 7:30 and then walk over to Six Plates for a little wine or whatever suits your fancy. Both are on Erwin Road in the shopping center that also holds Sushi Love, at the corner of Lasalle Street. Since it's Memorial Day Weekend and lots of people are busy, we're also going to do something next weekend (Saturday, June 4). Stay tuned for those details. Come come come! :)
  2. Malignant Melinda Reply
    Hi all - I haven't been reading this blog since the big c entered my life. Mostly because I couldn't be with you all kicking ass and it made me sad. But now, I am 4 weeks post double mastectomy and although i have some limitations, i am planning to come back tomorrow to work out a little. Anyway, I decided to check out the website to see if I could do the wod or if I would need to sub. Well, I got all teary because displayed for all to see is Crossfit durham's support for me at the top of every day of WODs for MANY days. Just please know that this made my day. Today was one of those bad days and to see this reminded what a great support my cfit Durham family is to me. I really can't thank you enough. Please be kind to me if you see me in the gym with just a PVC pipe, or if I walk and don't run, or if I pick up a small kettle bell. I'm no different from you, just trying get my WOD on the best that I can. Also, will be going through Chemo so I might be bald in the few weeks. I know, it's weird for me too. Love, Cancerlicious Melinda P.S. I felt the same at the bull city barbell thing last weekend when I saw the fun sign Kristen had made for Team Melinda. Really warm and fuzzy and awesome. Thank you so very much.
  3. Jonathan Reply
    Looking forward to working out with a true fighter tomorrow. I think the boobs were just slowing you down anyway.
  4. Nelly Reply
    Melinda, please tell me you're wearing the sparkly Chucks tomorrow :D What time are you coming? Also, everyone's entitled to scale movements however they deem fit for themselves. If anyone (certainly not a regular member of the fold) dared to give you shit for that, I'm pretty sure every single member there would join in running them out of the box on a slosh pipe.
  5. shayne Reply
    re: video - when are we getting an awesome playground like that in durham?!? also: whoa. that is some serious yoke. the lack of jorts is disappointing, however. WOD today was fun. 11:38 w/75# OHS and subbed 3x MU progressions per MU.
  6. Doug Reply
    Had a tough time with this workout. Started at 135# and couldn't even power snatch it up. Finally got the weight up and did my set of 12, and then had all kinds of trouble with the Muscle Ups. Dropped to 115#'s and did that unbroken for rounds 2 and 3. Finally gave up on my last set of MU's at 16 minutes with 2 reps on my last set. So 16 Minutes, 115#'s was too easy, 135# too heavy. 12 MU's.
  7. Cliffnov Reply
    Deadlifted 285 x 4. Pretty happy with that. Last week, I couldn't pull 295x1. 1RM is 300lbs. I thought about putting 20 more pounds on the bar and trying for one, but I ran out of time. Overhead squats were poor. 90lbs, taken in sets of 3-6. (mostly 3-4). I had trouble balancing the weight, and kept coming forward on my toes. Muscle-ups were scaled with feet on the ground. Feels like cheating, but my arms got tired anyway. 16:34.
  8. Brad L Reply
    Melinda, just showing up and attempting a WOD is Rx+ in my book. Regarding the WOD, I really like this one. I wish I had gone heavier than 95lb for OHS, but I was affraid I couldn't snatch 115 after the MUs and I was going to have to break it up, meaning I would have to snatch it a bunch. However, I did four rounds instead.

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