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From Istanbul To Constantinople

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WOD for Tuesday 083110 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Skill:  Turkish Get Ups
6 Rounds For Time:
Row 250m
12 KB Snatch (52/35)
10 Burpee Pullups

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Sub 200m run IF rower is unavailable.  Scale Burpee Pullups to burpee box jump jumping pullups if you can’t do RX pullups.  

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David Vanie, Courtney Epperson, and Mark Shapiro recently competed in and took 2nd place at the Trysports Mayo Lake Triathlon.  Great work!

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  1. Mike K Reply
    more snatches and pullups...ouch
  2. Paul Reply
    Uhm, Istanbul. ;) Ran 400m instead of row, 35lb KB, added K2E after each pullup. 23:38.
  3. Doug Reply
    Subbed 30" box jumps for the snatches, and ran instead of row.. 16:35 was my time, and the 30" box jumps got a little hairy towards the end. Theo was a rock star this morning going under 20 Minutes for the Wod (subbed running for rowing)
  4. shayne Reply
    20:55. took longer than i expected. subbed burpee box jump/jumping pullup (time consuming!), 20# kb, rowed all 6 rounds. troie met pukey for the 1st time this AM - um, congrats?
  5. ashley Reply
    Great intensity in the 8:30 class this morning!
  6. Erin Mc Reply
    Love the pictures from Mayo Lake! Way to represent!
  7. Dave Reply
    Ooops, thanks Paul. fixed If anyone has pics from a recent race/event/etc I'd love to show you off on the site. please send!
  8. Mike K Reply
    this was def. challenging wasn't sure if I could do the KB Snatches ad RXed, but I did anyway...it flew out of my hands twice (not enough chalk)...luckily no deaths to report as Rxd, 19m 23s
  9. jonathan d Reply
    20:02 Rx. that's all i wanted to say but it said it was too short.
  10. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    Congats David, Courtney, and Mark.
  11. jonathan d Reply
    great job to the 11:30 class too! everyone did awesome! :) proud of you guys! did split jerks, bench, dead hangs, ring dips, and ghd situps (figures no one really cares about how much or how many). i have to come back for my wod later this evening/tonight. it seems like a good one, so i'm interested to see how it goes.
  12. jonathan d Reply
    again, that last one was not me. i do not use emoticons. ashley, let's get a handle on things.
  13. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    ;_; Don't hate on emoticons Jonathan. Got 29:58 Rx + Pretty slow time relatively speaking, but I subbed up to running 300 meters (to better sync times with 250 meter rowers). Also, 55lb KB snatches which is over 1/3 of my body weight. <3
  14. will h Reply
    Y26:09 Rx+ w a 55lb kb. It wasn't pretty but i accomplished my goal
  15. Ashley Reply
    Oh, no you didn't Denton. You just wait for the next time that I "accidentally" post something under your name.
  16. Ashley Reply
    Phil - The other Denton and I were just talking today about how we think the runs should be longer if someone is going to sub a row. It was his idea, actually. Pfft. :S
  17. Ashley Reply
    Just got back from doing my WOD. If the alam isn't set in the morning I promise it's not my fault... swing dancers were still swinging when I left. Metcon: 3 Rounds 20 Split Jerks 95# (must alternate legs - 10 right/10 left) 50 Double Unders 7:25 My shoulders are smoked!
  18. Ashley Reply
    Oh, and bar had to star from ground. Guys used 135#. Pretty tough.
  19. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    That was my logic Team Denton. If rowing 500 meters takes ~2 minutes on average, then 250 meters takes ~1 minute... I can maaaybe run 400 meters in ~1 minute, like one time, so 300 meters seems like a good approximation (for me). I think it'd be hard to sync running and rowing using a once-size-fits all model, so I made a judgement call and tried to match it up as best I could. The way I insured accuracy was to alternate between 400 and 200 meters. Lucky for me, it was a WOD with even rounds. Q:D

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