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Get Over The Bar

Only a week left to register for the Carolina Fitness Challenge
taking place at CrossFit Durham on Saturday, December 12th! 
Registration deadline: Nov. 30th

The event will be sponsored by Forged Clothing and Christian’s Fitness Factory! 

WOD for Sunday 112209 — Today’s Schedule — Click Here
For Time:
Run 1 mile
“Death By Pullup”
Perform 1 pullup on the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3 the third, and continue on until you can’t complete the number of pullups prescribed for the minute.

Post Time and Number Of Rounds Completed to Comments  

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Good luck today to Naomi and Allison running the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon!



  1. Allison B Reply
    Haha. That's an incredibly flattering picture of me. Thanks for the well-wishes guys! I can't believe you're doing death by pull-up without me! Man, I miss ALL the fun!
  2. Dan T Reply
    Cave Skool yesterday was awesome and thanks a lot to everyone who came out! We did some awesome work and really got after it for the classtime. Everyone had a great attitude and crushed the work. There will be another class coming up on the 5th of December and I encourage all to keep the calendar open for that time. You will have a blast!
  3. Naomi Reply
    Thanks for the shout out! Allison and I met up before the race. It was a perfect marathon day. AND, I took 20 minutes off my marathon time. A solid PR that I owe squarely to CrossFit. Looking forward to getting back to my regular schedule. See y'all next week!

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