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Get Under It

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Friday 090723Today’s WOD Schedule — Click Here
Overhead Squat
For time:
30 OHS (115/75)
Run 200m
30 Burpees

Post Loads and Time to Comments.  Compare times to 090604

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How often do you foam roll post-WOD?

  1. Sarah D Reply
    I am a definitely 6:15-er at heart! I have to be at work in Chapel Hill at 8am, so it is a stretch for me to always make the early morning WOD. But when I do, it feels fabulous. Got up to 115 on the OHS Pitched the last rep because core wasn't tight enough, but I think that is a good working weight for me. I really want bodyweight OHS x 15 sometime. 3:27 WOD Rx. OHS unbroken.
  2. Lori Reply
    Sarah, you are a BEAST! Am very happy to say that I PR'ed on the OHS - 95lbs. Maybe could have gone another 5? Did the WOD rx, broke twice, and finished in 5:24. Great job 6:15-ers...
  3. Becky N Reply
    I really really need to work on OHS - I did the WOD with 25lbs because I just am not comfortable with my form with weight any heavier. Do to the light weight I was able to get through all 30 without breaking and finished the WOD in 6 something.
  4. mandy j. Reply
    5:07 as rx'd... ohs were ok...running and burpees arent really my cup of tea. :)
  5. becky Reply
    This week has been full of PRs... For the first time ever got 65+ on OHS. Focusing on staying tight and keeping the chest up made such a difference! Hit 75 on the skill work and stayed there for the WOD. Definitely got challenging toward the end with only 3-4 at a time, but happy to complete it RX. Shane and Dave were huge help for the last push through it.
  6. Shane F Reply
    Up to 5x 180(PR) on the OHS. The KB OHS during warmups were killer. Great to get ready for today's activities. 4:36 WOD Rx. OHS unbroken.
  7. Shane F Reply
    Becky, awsome job this morning! To go from over a 10# PR to 30 reps in a WOD....unreal.
  8. mandy j. Reply
    SHANE! 180x5 on ohs?!?! thats ridiculous!! nice job!
  9. Matt H Reply
    my overhead squats just plain argument there....these wods with olympic lifts in them just frustrate the hell outta me....I'll take running/rowing based workouts over these any day wod- had to bail on the OHS on second rep, those took the longest....weight vest for run and burpees 5.06 rx'd
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Repost from yesterday: I’m in the process of registering a CF Durham Team to participate in the national Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser ( on Saturday, September 26th. I will get our Team link up on the website shortly. In the meantime, please post to comments if you think you will participate along with how much money you think we should set as our Team and Individual fundraising goals.
  10. lindsay Reply
    I enjoy getting to lift with Lori, (not waking up at 5:45 to do so) and I will tell you that 95 looked pretty easy for her, so she definately could have done more. I finished the wod in 8:22 which was a 37 second improvement over the last time we did this wod...which made me feel much better after getting smoked by the entire class.
  11. Lori Reply
    Lindsay, you are a real TROOPER! You did great today and we welcome you to 6:15!!
  12. Allison B Reply
    Hey Guys, Checked out CF Breckenridge this morning! We did Lynne- bench press and pullups. FUNNNNN stuff given that my hands are still trashed from Angie! But, they have a great box and their coach Scott is AWESOME. We definitely have a new friend in CO! Miss ya'll! Al
  13. Michael Towne Reply
    lynne is my favorite!

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