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Getting Strict

Volunteers still needed for the Carolina Fitness Challenge on Saturday!
Sign up sheets are on the whiteboard at the gym!

Volunteer Meeting Wednesday Night at 7pm!

WOD for Tuesday 120710 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Skill:  Muscle Up Transitions

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
7 Dead Hang Pullups
7 Strict Knees To Elbows

Post Metcon Rounds to Comments
For the Metcon, the emphasis should be on doing both movements completely correct on every rep.  This is not really for speed today.  No kipping on either movement.  Be strict with both.  

Upcoming Events
Carolina Fitness Challenge – Sat, December 11
CrossFit Rowing Foundations Certification – Saturday, January 15
Intra-Gym Challenge – January 2011
Durham Indoor Rowing Trials — Sat, February 26th

  1. cke Reply
    looks like I'm headed towards bootcamp, or alt. shoulders can't keep marginally up much longer.
  2. Mike K Reply
    Question: Can we do K2E with a chin-up grip? I saw Heather Bergeron do it in a video that way on the mainpage recently. Just curious if there are any rules against it.
    • Dave Reply
      You can do that, Mike. As long as they're done kip/swing/momentum/etc
  3. Doug Reply
    I am so mad at myself for oversleeping this morning once I checked out the WOD...
  4. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    @Mike. Good question. W/out kip these KTEs are def gonna be my limiting factor. I'll probably end up scaling to "just make a good attempt". I've tried chin-up grip before and my lack of shoulder flexibility meant I couldn't get any kip/swing/momentum/etc. Actually that may help today.
  5. Gabe Reply
    Nice Im likeing the look of this need to get a muscle up before the challenge......And oh yea CFD Eric Sweet is doing the challenge spoke to him last night....I don't care who else comes from what other gym This guy is defintely my top choice to take it all and represent CFD
  6. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    Eric Sweet is supremely yoked. Gonna come in today to work on muscle ups and double unders, but no WOD for me. My pseudo-rest week continues. In other news, I'm really excited that we have one really old guy so that we're also represented in the Masters category!
  7. Ashley D Reply
    Did a semi-endurance WOD today just to try and get my lungs and energy back from being sick. Row 1 min/rest 1 min x 10 I lost track and rowed an extra round, so I'm not sure if I rowed 10 or 11 rounds. 2720m Did 22 HSPUs to make up for this weekend and today. Also, food situation for after the CFC - We arent going to Tyler's. There is a $1000 limit. Tobacco Road can let us on the patio with heaters bc their two rooms are already booked. I said yes to that just so we could secure a place. Any other suggestions as to where we can go and be inside?
  8. jonathan d Reply
    6 rounds + 2 pullups Rx. the hardest part is making sure you're not moving before starting the KTE. 22 HSPU today to make up for the weekend i spent in indy watching the cowboys beat the colts.
  9. Older-and-wiser-than-Phil Paul Reply
    As I can't yet kip, I heart dead-hang pullups & strict KTE. 9 rounds + 2 pus. I miss Stew. I don't miss Troie.
  10. Ashley D Reply
    One more important thing... Reservations are for 7:30.
  11. Lindsay Hill Reply
    the knees to elbows were pretty rough... did my hspus on a box.
  12. Mats Reply
    7 HSPUs against my apartment wall, head to floor.
  13. Meaghan Reply
    Dave - how long will this meeting last tomorrow night?
    • Dave Reply
      I'm hoping not longer than 40 minutes
  14. Phil "Yoke" Bost Reply
    I couldn't not do the WOD. 6 Rx. Paul, oh Wise One, how in the hell did you manage 9+ rounds?!
  15. Kristen Reply
    7 HSPUs on a box. Plain old handstands are starting to get easier, so I'm making at least a little progress. I had fun with the 1130 crew today; thanks Ashley for your help with the muscle up progressions. Dave's programming this week I think is evil genius -- kill our arms and shoulders today so we would forget how very sore our legs are from yesterday. It totally worked! Or so I thought until a lady at work asked me why I was walking funny...

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