Goin' Blind -- WOD for 062711 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Goin' Blind


WOD for Monday 062711Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Split Jerk
For Time:
100 Double Unders
30 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)
100 Double Unders

Post Jerk Loads and Metcon Time to  Comments
For the strength segment, perform single rep Split Jerks, taking the bar from the rack, working up as heavy as possible.  DO NOT add weight to the bar if you are not finishing in a good landing position with proper footwork.

For the Metcon, if you are severely DU challenged, consider scaling the number of reps or substitute tuck jumps or parallette jumps.  Make sure you finish each Jerk fully locked out overhead with knees, hips, and shoulders in full extension.

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Try them from behind the neck

Some nice Jerks from some Chinese guys

  1. Cliffnov Reply
    Jerked 45/45/75x2/95 warm-up 115/135/155/155/155/165/165/175I wanted to hit that 175 PR, but more than that, I wanted to make sure my form was good at each weight before I moved up. Doug kept telling me my stop was too timid our not deep enough, so I kept working the lower weights. By the time I got to 175, I was already tired. On the metcon, it took me a while to get my form on double unders. But eventually they startrd coming fairly smoothly. Power Clean & Jerk felt heavy at 135#, but I stuck with it, and I think my jerks actually improved towards the end. 21:10, Rx.
  2. Doug Reply
    Worked up to a new 1RM, 225 # on the Jerk. Attempted (rather poorly) 235 and failed. Same as everyone else, when the weight became heavy, I became timid to go hard underneath the weight. 10:14 RX on the Metcon. DU's were not cooperating this morning, but the 135# C+J felt absolutely great.
  3. Cliff Dyer Reply
    Um. Autocorrect is on a rampage. 175I was supposed to be 175F, as in I failed that weight. Also, in the metcon, none of my c&js were touch-and-go. I did a fresh set-up on each one.
  4. Mike K Reply
    Worked up to 225 (PR) Probably had more in me, but I ran out of time... 7:05 rx on the wod
  5. Ashley Totten Reply
    Dave, can we get some more purple ropes? Pretending like I'm tall and using the blue rope didn't work out so well for me today...
    • Dave Reply
      I'll check it out! how many do we have right now?
  6. Cliffnov Reply
    Two. That's my size as well.
  7. Hustler Bost Reply
    There were zero purple ropes available for the 6pm & 7pm classes.
  8. Renee Reply
    Dave, I use the purple rope too. If you're ordering more, could you add a personal order to the number? I'd like one for home. Thanks, Renee
    • Dave Reply
      New, purple ropes have been ordered! Renee, I got an extra one for you too :)
  9. Co (short for "coach") Paul Po Reply
    Dave, please order orange ropes, too.
    • Dave Reply
      They don't make orange ropes. I checked :)
  10. Hustler Bost Reply
    Obligatory plug for Again Faster ropes. Reasonably priced. Got a PR for consecutive DUs this afternoon just messing around with it. Feels good man.
  11. Hustler Bost Reply
    To be more specific, I'm talking about their "revolution" rope. Having your own rope is like having your own puppy.
  12. cke - Courtney E Reply
    could I have a jump rope made of bubble gum and candy corn? jiminy crickets.
  13. Renee Reply
    Thanks Dave! You work fast :)
  14. Nick Reply
    Phil thanks for plugging a jump rope. Bridgette and I were looking at getting our own. Now if only it comes with Frustration Free pill too. Split jerks felt good. Got up to 155, which I think isn't bad since it was my first time doing them. 14:01 on the metcon with 85 for c&j's and struggling through DU's.
  15. Squat Bost Reply
    Nick, 155 is a very respectable number. As for jumpropes, for a while I used a heavier rope and some people like that because it gives you more "feedback". I like the revolution rope more though. You still get some feedback, but it's as fast as you want it to be. Try mine or Jed's sometime to see how you like it.

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