Grip It and Rip It. Deadlifts and Metcon at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Grip It and Rip It

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Thursday 0904016
3, 3, 3
15-9-6 rep rounds for time:
Overhead Squats (95lbs/65lbs)
Knees to Elbows
Man Makers 

Post Loads and Time to Comments

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Kelli doing her best Incredible Hulk impression during yesterday’s WOD : )kelli-determined.jpg

  1. mandy j. Reply
    my last set of 3 DLs was @ 285lbs. metcon time was 9:40-something with OHS Rx (65lbs), and man-makers at 22.5lbs. nice job morning crew
  2. kelli mc Reply
    I did 3x3 of 185lb deadlifts. Im pretty happy with that. My hands... not so much. Did the wod in 6 something. Used 45 for ohs and 15 for mm. Probably should go up for ohs. Overall, good workout
  3. David V Reply
    Overall the DLs felt heavy for me today. I was still able to get through it and post 385 for 2 with a failure on the 3rd attempt. Finished the wod in 9:20 using the rx for ohs and mms. We also had a great group working out at 11:30.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      nice job everyone this morning! it's great when there's actually a group instead of just one or two : ) Deadlifts 135x3 135x3 225x3 225x3 255x3 285x3 285x3 My grip sucks. gotta work on that. I guess we'll just have to do more deadlifts : )
  4. Chad Edwards Reply
    Deadlifts: 315x3 330x3 350x2 Metcon: 7:28 with 27.5# mms and 95# OHS Kudos to the 11:30 class. We rocked it.
  5. lindsay hill Reply
    got to 185 for dls and did the wod in 8:58 with 65 ohs and 15 for mms... i am glad other people joined me at 8:30 today!!
  6. becky Reply
    hit 155 for the deadlifts. for the metcon did 45 lb for ohs (still not comfortable with much more overhead) and 22.5 for mm in 7:01. also very excited to hear about the soon to be 7pm classes!!
  7. Murphie Reply
    Mandy- you were right. DL: 265, 285, 300 Metcon, Rx: 7:58
  8. john hill Reply
    deadlift 325 355 375 metcon 8:30 rx

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