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Gripped Out

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WOD for Tuesday 072611Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Clean Pulls
Videos here and here
— Rest–
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Max Rep Pullups
100m Farmer’s Walk (52/35)

Post Clean Pull Loads and Metcon Rounds and Pullups to Comments
For the strength segment, perform 7-10 Clean High Pulls from either the floor or hang position.  The height of the bar should be primarily dictated by your hip extension.  Maintain an elbows “high and outside” position.

For the conditioning workout, perform as many pullups as you can (dead hang or kipping) followed immediately by the farmer’s walk.  Score both total number of pullups and total rounds completed.

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Heavy Clean Pulls in Training

  1. Ashley D Reply
    So, two videos were posted. One of a regular clean pull and one of a high clean pull. Which one are you wanting tomorrow? I understand that we're not doing the hang, but the regular pull vs high hang pull videos leave me confused.
  2. Phil Bost Reply
    Couple more things should be noted. Both dudes in the videos posted are using straps to help them grip heavier weight than they normally clean. Straps should _never_ be used for full cleans. Never. Also, there's a Burgener version of clean pulls and a Pendlay version. Burgener tries to get you to break at the arms and pull, Pendlay says keep your elbows locked. There's no firm "right" way to do these, but if you have a tendency to pull too early, you should go with the Pendlay variety so you don't reinforce bad habits.
  3. Ashley D Reply
    8:30, I'm sorry for the long warm-up. It was pretty redic. I realized that and shortened it for 11:30. Sometimes you guys are my guinea pigs. :( Womp, womp, womp.
  4. Doug Reply
    (I'm glad we switched back to this version of posting) Paul and I worked at 275 on the Clean pulls, straight arms only. Had trouble with hanging onto the bar, and I actually had the bar come out of my hands a couple of times. Need to work on my hook grip (and we all should). Weight Vest Tuesday: The cone was inadvertently moved by Bobby, and when we counted out the meters it was replaced a little further away (actually about 12 meters further up the hill). This caused problems as the 6:15 class seemed to make the whole walk, but the 8:30 class had very few. My goal was to do 5 Pull ups and not to drop the weight on the carry. 11 rounds and 52 pull ups/chin ups RX +. I could not hold onto the bar at the very end and only got 2 pull ups on my last round.
  5. Not Doug's Paul, Paul Reply
    The 6:15ers made the whole walk because 6:15ers are awesome. We need no tape or new tape on the bars. Or skinnier bars. Michael Kelley needs to be skinnier as well. I kept sliding off of the bar, not because of grip but because of sweat. Some of the sweat wasn't even my own. 91 pull-ups and 14 rounds of farmer's jogs. Yes, jogs. 6:15ers don't walk, we jog or run.
  6. Ashley D Reply
    Got up to 195 on the clean pulls, which made me a little happy. It's 15# over my clean PR, so there's hope I can get a new clean PR sometime soon. Used Pendlay's technique and didn't let my arms bend. Worked some ring dips as well. I suck at those. Did the WOD with 35# KBs and red band for the dead hangs. I think it was 7.5 rounds and 36 dead hangs. Holding onto the bar became an issue. 8:30 and 11:30 did great today! Nice work, everyone!
  7. Ant Reply
    Phil there is always a "right" way.

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