Guilt Free New Year's -- WOD for 123110 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Guilt Free New Year's

There are no evening WODs tonight!
Partner WOD tomorrow morning at 11am!


WOD for Friday 123110 – – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Rack Jerk
10x 1 as heavy as possible
For Max Rep Squats and Mile For Time:
Tabata “Bottom to Bottom” Squat
Run 1 mile

Post Jerk Loads, Tabata Score and Mile Time to Comments
For the strength segment, you will do 10 Jerks from the rack.  Progressively add weight up to a comfortable “working” weight.  You should not really miss anymore than 3-4 attempts.  Use good sense and judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  Use push or split jerk.   

For the Metcon, perform Tabata air squats, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds “rest” for a total of 8 rounds (4 minutes).  The “rest” period is in the bottom, below parallel squat position.  Immediately upon the last set of squats run a mile as fast as possible.   

Friday No Evening WODs
Saturday11am New Year’s Day Partner WOD, no Open Gym or Community Workout
SundayRegular Schedule    

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  1. jonathan d Reply
    it's thursday night, but this one is already up so i'll post here. HSPU challenge is complete! 30 tonight when i got back from my trip. done.
  2. cke Reply
    Hi Crossfit Pals. 11 spots to go,go,go! I've nothing smarty pants to write. Join if you want/can. Sure to be fun,fun, fun
  3. Doug Reply
    Shayne had 30! Birthday Burpees today, she did them unbroken and after today's WOD, go Shayne! Too tall Paul: you are killing me with your 60#'s of less weight. I know it isn't a competition, but I tried really hard to beat your mile time today... 114 on the air squats, 6:26 on the run. I really enjoyed this one. See everyone next year
  4. Jonathan GOMETD Johnson Reply
    Congratulations Other Jonathan! I have 55 left to finish out the challenge. I skipped a few days after christmas so I had some catching up to do. Did 65 two days ago and 51 yesterday. I'm not getting my head to the mat but I've come to peace with that. I was going to go for full ROM today until I saw that we're doing Rack Jerks. We'll see... Tabata Bottom-to-Bottom Squats is going to suck ever so much. Listen to these people in Rd 6. They're dropping organs.
  5. Meaghan Reply
    Happy Birthday Shayne! I very much enjoyed this WOD! the Rabat squats were hard but the rounds pass by quickly...especially the 10sec "rest"! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! :)
  6. KatieP Reply
    Happy Birthday Shayne!!! Even though I didn't do too great on the mile (10:48), I added 10lbs to my Jerk PR (85lbs). It's not much, but it's the little things in life that make my day :) Happy New Years
  7. shayne Reply
    @jonathan j we sounded just like that in the 8:30 class! standing up out of a :10 squat is brutal. thanks, meaghan :) yay birthday burpees! 100# jerk - 5# PR - and the first sub-10 minute mile i've ever run. not too shabby for an old lady. happy new year, all :)
  8. shayne Reply
    thanks, katie! congrats on your jerk PR - awesome!
  9. Running a 5K @ Midnight Paul Reply
    Little River Trail Run is a great race! 135 on jerk, a PR. Stew said it was pretty. He also said I was pretty. 139 Tabata, 6:17 (sloooooow) mile. A question for 6:15 peeps: As I was the first one out the door to begin the mile, why did all of you run counter-clockwise when I ran clockwise? I was so lonely. Happy Day Of Your Birth, Shayne! Doug, I'm a distance runner, not a sprinter. Stew thinks I'm pretty.
  10. Ashley D Reply
    Would anyone be interested in a size 2XL CrossFit Durham sweatshirt? I got it as a gift, but it's the wrong size.

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