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Hard And Fast

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WOD for Tuesday 090818Today’s Schedule — Click Here
Back Squat
5 Rounds For Time: 
14 DB Push Press (35/22)
7 Burpees 

Post Loads and Time Comments  
This WOD should be completed RX’d in 6-8 minutes.  DB weights and rounds should be scaled if you cannot finish in this time frame. 

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**Gym Health Update**
It’s early in the cold and flu season, but we want to be proactive and do everything we can to keep everyone healthy, germ free, and CrossFitting!  You may have heard about the possible swine flu outbreak that has already struck the Duke Football Team.  Click here for specific recommendations from the CDC to protect yourself from getting sick this Fall and Winter. 

We are asking that all of our athletes help to maintain a safe and healthy gym environment by taking the following additional precautions when working out with us: 
1)  Use the Purel Hand Sanitizer located at the front door when you arrive before touching any equipment. 
2)  After your workout is over, wipe down all equipment you used with the anti-bacterial Gym Wipes located by the cubbies.  This includes all bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, pullup bars, rings, abmats, and GHDs. 
3)  If you produce a puddle of sweat, and hopefully you do, wipe it down with Gym Wipes or spray the area with sanitizer.
4)  No spitting!  This includes water or anything else!
5)  If you’re feeling under the weather (runny nose, cough, sneezing) consider taking the day off.  You can always WOD again tomorrow or the next day.  Don’t get everyone else sick!

If everyone works together we can be sure that nothing gets in the way of our CrossFit progress!

  1. lindsay hill Reply
    so today i learned that i can box jump on to the 30" box, but only once...i usually wear tall socks so i am not afraid to pull the bar too close to me, but now i guess i must wear them daily, as i now have a lovely gash on my left shin from catching my foot under the box...took it easy on squats, stayed at 145 to work on form, did the wod in 7:30, started rx and then dropped down once the dumbbells started to feel like lead.
  2. Bill Reply
    6:20 rx at the rio gym. Evidently you get strange looks when you start dropping and doing burpees in the middle of a small fitness center. :)
  3. Matt H Reply
    5 something rx'd for wod back squat: 1. 275 x 3 2. 295 x 3 3. 275 x 3 (dropped back down to keep technique straight, since 295 was a bit shaky) Bill, I feel ya on the strange looks. I go to a playground at an elementary school off a trail near my house to do pullups....was doing burpee pullups the other day and i got some strange reactions from people....needless to say I had an audience and couldn't slack and was probably dubbed the freak at the playground...
  4. Becky N Reply
    still working on my back squats i did two sets at 115 and the last set at 125. Greg helped my sub the WOD because my shoulder is bugging me so I did 14 SDHP with 40lbs and 7 high box jumps at 24 inches. It took me 6:12. Trying to keep the workouts in the time modality is interesting. I realize I think I took breaks as if it was going to take me 20 minutes, so I want to work on pushing harder for the shorter workouts.
    • Dave Reply
      Nice work, Becky! don't let an injury get in your way....there's always a way to sub something!
      • Dave Reply
        If anyone is interested in XL paleo kits please let me know so we can order more. We seem to sell the Large kits a lot faster
  5. chris t Reply
    dave.. i need to pick yo brain
    • Dave Reply
      Chris -- I'll be at the gym tonight after 630 or you can give me a call 571.224.3706
  6. Sabah Reply
    30# DBs (all Bill had in his basement) - 8:06
  7. Jeff Reply
    5:37 Rx'd, though I only went 185, 185, 205 on squats. I need to work on the strength exercises.

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