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410 W Geer St, Durham, NC 27701 (919) 907-1233

Hard To Kill

Saturday, 9am-Noon!  More info here!

WOD for Thursday 062410 – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
For Time:
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 KB Snatch (52/35)
30 Pullups
Run 800m
30 Wall Ball (20/12)
30 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Burpees
Run 400m

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Today’s WOD comes courtesy of Coach Ashley.  Scale loads and movements as necessary to ensure proper execution.  All compliments, complaints, and/or whining should be directed towards her, but be forewarned she does not take to whining or complaining very well 🙂     

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm! 
Run or Row
5 Minutes on, 2:30 Min off
6 Min on, 3 Min off
7 Min on.. Done
All Out Maximal Efforts!

Finish this sentence:  “Chalk is _______”  Post answer to comments

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  1. Ashley D Reply
    I'll be making this up during open gym since I won't be there tomorrow. And if you do whine and complain I'll just take it as a compliment. ;)
  2. Ashley D Reply
    Oh and the question... Chalk is best when not served pink. ;)
  3. Phil B Reply
    Never understood two things about crossfit: 1) The expression "chalk to your elbows" Seems like a little bit of chalk goes a long way. Overdoing it just gets chalk in your--and your neighbor's--eyes. 2) The idea that lying on your back after a WOD is somehow defeat. Seems to me that lying on your back means you didn't sandbag. I used to run with people who felt like unless they were retching or writhing on the ground at the end of a race, they didn't run a gutsy enough race. I always admired that attitude even if I didn't emulate it.
  4. Sara C Reply
    Hmmm....hard choice between the endurance WOD and ?Team WOD....looking forward to either :-)
  5. David Velez Reply
    Chalk is useful sometimes. I feel I need it when the pullup bar or a kettlebell gets wet and I can't get a solid grip- usually only during metcons.
  6. Will H Reply
    Chalk is for school teachers. said the man w/ a torn hand before Monday's strength segment. Looking forward to today's WOD.
  7. Becca Y Reply
    Chalk is cooler than sweatbands.
  8. Sara C Reply
    Chalk is helpful to not drop weights on your head, or slip off the bar...it allows for maximum power output...and is better white than pink :-).
  9. Tom Reply
    Chalk is a nessecity if you sweat a lot like my hairy Italian ass does. Ashley, I haven't done the WOD yet but I hate (read love) you already. Just sayin. ;)
  10. Tom Reply
    Also, at some point, I'd love to hear what you guys think "Be Hard to Kill" means. The use of the phrase as a combat vet in a crossfit context facinates me. I am not tryin got be patronizing or snotty, I'm really curious.
  11. Dave Reply
    Tom, It comes from a quote from Mark Rippetoe: "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general."
  12. Tom Reply
    Totally understand the genesis of it and I agree with him on it, I just wonder what that phrase, "be hard to kill" means to people as they wear that shirt or use it in the gym. It's really prevelant and it's just interesting to me like. Like I said no judgement, at all, I like the quote- I just wonder what it means to individuals in the gym.
  13. ant Reply
    Chalk is sometimes necessary to ensure your hands can survive to lift another day. Chalk + Sweatbands = Ducktape
  14. Julia Reply
    Given the level of the ozone, should we be running outside? ;)
  15. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    Chalk is not tasty. I learned that in the 2nd grade.
  16. Jonathan Johnson Reply
    I think the "Hard to Kill" shirt is supposed to remind you of Steven Segal and make you giggle. And no one wants to kill someone who's giggling.
  17. Ashley D Reply
    Julia... Sunblock. :)
  18. Julia Reply
    Ashley, I used chalk...looked funny but it was a great sunblock.
  19. Julia Reply
    And must say, Dave, Allison and Erin are the best coaches ever! Erin even offered me some of her water.
  20. Ashley D Reply
    Julia, I must say that I'm impressed w/your resourcefulness. Was it clumpy when you got sweaty?
  21. Julia Reply
    More streaky...in a war paint sort of way...perfect for running the streets of Durham
  22. Ashley D Reply
    Why is it that when I think of someone covering their body in chalk I think of laughing yoga?
  23. Ashley D Reply
    Tom, to answer your question... When I think of "Be Hard to Kill" I think of someone who's ready to fight to the finish and never surrender. Someone who's mentally and physically prepared to do no one else is willing to do. It's a combination of hard work, determination, integrity, skill, strength, boldness, intelligence, and even a touch of stubbornness. It's knowing and believing that YOU are THE one for the task at hand.
  24. Cade Reply
    I think more simply put, kill in this context is a metaphor for defeat. At least that's what I think of when I see it (and it's a valid meaning). For instance, anyone who survived today's WOD is probably hard to kill. It looks pretty intense.
  25. Basil Reply
    Just a suggestion but lets split up the wallball and thrusters in this WOD next time. By far the worse part of this WOD was doing thrusters after doing 30 wallballs. I'm sure the next comment will read: Basil, man up, just a suggestion.
  26. Doug Reply
    dude, man up... seriously. I kid I kid... I actually thought that the thrusters could be done unbroken on this WOD, I was terribly wrong and might have called Ashley nasty names. Great WOD, and look forward to doing it again when it isn't so hot. As to the chalk question, I love chalk and use a TON of it. Partially this is due to my teenie-tiny hands and I can't grip the bar at all! Really annoying, but I almost always show up to work half covered in chalk...
  27. Ashley D Reply
    basil, i purposefully placed those two next to each other for that exact reason. :) (did you really think you'd get sympathy from me?) however, i'm sure i'll totally agree with you and hate myself for it when i do this wod during open gym next week.

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