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Hard Work

New Bootcamps begin on July 26th!

Tactical Strength Challenge
THIS SATURDAY! — More info

WOD for Thursday 072210 — – Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Back Squat
Warmup:  3 reps @40/50/60/70% 1RM
Work:  4 sets of 3 reps @80% 1RM, 1 set of Max Reps @80% 1RM
Finish with 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps on the Reverse Hyper before the Metcon WOD
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Toes To Bar

10 DB Snatch – 5 each arm (35/22)
15 Pushups

Post Back Squat Loads and Metcon Time to Comments 
For the strength segment, you will do four warmup sets for the Back Squat followed by 5 work sets at 80% 1RM.  Note that the 5th work set is for Max Reps at 80% 1RM.  Use common sense and good judgement for all lifts.  When in doubt, live to lift again another day.  All reps must be full ROM, ie squatted below parallel and stood to full knee and hip extension.   

For the Metcon, sub knees to elbows for toes to bar.  Use a DB load that allows for proper execution of the Snatch.  These are full Snatches, ie received in a full overhead squat.     

There is NO ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm and NO REGULAR WOD tonight at 7pm. 
There will be OPEN GYM tonight at 7pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

WODs from the CrossFit Games…..fun to try or just too much?  Post answer to comments.

Bootcamps – Starting July 26th
CrossFit Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:15am)
CrossFit Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:15am)
CrossFit Bootcamp (M/W/F @6:00pm)
Weight Loss Bootcamp (M/W/F @7:00pm)

Upcoming Events
Tactical Strength Challenge — Saturday, July 24th
SMR Coaches Clinic – Sat/Sun, August 21/22
Fight Gone Bad 5 – Sat, September 25
Pendlay Olympic Seminar – Saturday, October 16th

  1. Meaghan Reply
    Crossfit games WODs are fun to try in that crazy self-torture kinda way! :) Hell-in was hell-ish but I'm glad I did it. :) Thursday will most definitely be a rest day though. See ya Friday.
  2. Phil B Reply
    Games WODs are fun to try!
  3. Vytas Reply
    loved the hell-en wod even though it kicked my ass... i think they are perfect for a long metcon day... still waiting for the wheelbarrows and sandbags...
  4. Matt H Reply
    You know my answer to that question
  5. Erin Mc Reply
    participating in these wods provides us with necessary answers to the questions that arose during games-watching... namely, "could i do that?" and "but how much scaling?" after the couchside chest-thumping is over, it's nice to get an honest look at where we stand... which is humbled, mostly.
  6. Doug Reply
    I didn't get a chance to watch any of the games, but anything involving Wheelbarrows sounds pretty bad-ass. One of my friends sent me this link, and i think it hits on just about every neurosis that runs through cross-fitters heads. Loved the part about the "cross fit language". NSFW if your bosses care, cursing and what not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgH_ZoMOht8 Oh yeah, and i totally cheated today (by accident) and didn't do full squat DB snatches, just power snatches. made the workout MUCH easier
  7. lindsay hill Reply
    what erin said...
  8. Dave Reply
    Doug -- thanks for the "cheat" today...I followed your lead since you were out in front. by no means an easy WOD regardless. Great video link! Somewhere out there Major Shane has a big smile on his face....he loves these videos :)
  9. Phillip B Reply
    On his facebook page, Kendrick Farris (olympic weightlifter) said that he didn't know much about CrossFit, but he's sure he would've won the games.... Sure you would have, buddy. Sure you would have.
  10. ashley Reply
    of course the games wods are fun!

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