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Heavy Thrusting

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Friday 090619

3, 3, 3
3 Rounds for Time:
21 Thrusters (95/65)
Run 400m

Post Loads and Time to Comments.

Today’s Fitness Article Links
Range of Motion
CrossFit Party Time 
Rest and Recovery

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  1. Sabah Reply
    No burpee thrusters? you guys are slipping :)
  2. mandy j. Reply
    Sabah, If I have to do burpee thrusters in the future because of your suggestion, we are going to have issues. :)
  3. Bill Reply
    What about burpees for distance? ex. burpees 100m for time :)
  4. Sarah D Reply
    Ever heard of the "Burpee Mile" Bill? Watch out. That might be in your future ;)
  5. mandy j. Reply
    I hate all of you.
  6. sara B Reply
    Thrusters: 75, 85, 90 17:09 as Rx Thanks Stew for pushing me through my last round of Thrusters and Jay for running with me on my last run you guys rock.
  7. sara B Reply
    So I just read the article "Range of Motion" and I feel bad about putting Rx next to my time. Although I did use 65lbs for my Thrusters I'm pretty sure not all of them (if any) were completed with my hips below parallel. I am still working on my range of motion and technique. Good article, thanks for sharing.
  8. B. Kiddo Reply
    It miraculously stopped raining here in CT; so we decided to do the actual WOD for today. Run 800 meters Tabata Squats Rub 800 meters I maintained a steady 17 squats each interval. (Though I did drop to 15 one interval because my terrier attacked me because she thought squats looked like I wanted to play) The second 800 after the squats was MUCH harder. It is hard to stay motivated when you do not have the social component. We miss you guys.
    • Dave Rubin Reply
      Sara, don't feel bad....the point of the article wasn't too make you feel bad or guilty, just to clarify an important point.... do we do the WOD's just to post a fast time or to do it with the RX'd weight just so we can say we did or look like a badass on the whiteboard....Or do we CrossFit to actually get more fit? With some thought, I think most of us would answer "to get more fit". If not, then we'll probably learn at some point that our fitness will suffer, we won't reach our full potential, and, oh yeah, no one else really cares :)
  9. B. Kiddo Reply
    Freudian slip: Should be Run 800.
  10. Greg Reply
    hmmmmm.....burpee thrusters...
  11. Shane F Reply
    3x 185 on the Thrusters. It took some work for me to find the ideal sweet-spot for my wrists. Too much like front squat/clean (only 2-3 fingers on the bar)w/ elbows up requires a significant transition to the press. Hands too much under the bar like a press while squating brings the elbows down and makes them much tougher...need more work on the heavy thruster! WOD 13:42 as Rx'd. Is it just me or have the last couple weeks gotten much tougher?
  12. Sarah D Reply
    Sara B-- Don't feel bad about your range of motion at any given point. We all work to reach full range of motion on the exercises, and this is a very individual process. It is hard to reach that "perfect" below parallel point! You may just need someone to give you some feedback on how to feel where your range of motion is and some steps to increase that range. You might be closer than you think! Anytime you want to work on that, just let me know-- I would be happy to help out. Sarah D
  13. Allison B Reply
    Sabah, the day we do burpee thrusters, I'm coming after you. Literally. Watch out. Mandy, tag team?
  14. mandy j. Reply
    HA! Allison, I'm in.
  15. Mitchell Devastation Reply
    I like the idea of an 800 meter Rub. Excellent Idea, Kiddo.

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