Here She Comes Again -- WOD for 090501 at CrossFit Durham, North Carolina | CrossFit Durham
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Here She Comes Again


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Friday 090501
3, 3, 3
3 Rounds for Time:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (52lbs/35lbs)
12 Pullups

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OPT goes for a sub-7:00 minute “Helen”

  1. Matt H Reply
    Thrusters: 1. 95 2. 115 3. 115 *these Olympic lifts are no joke...still new to everything and I'm used to going to the gym and throwing up some serious weight doing generic exercises....its very humbling and frustrating at the same time "Helen" 8.59 rx'd (need to get the hang of the kip....these half breed dead hang pullups I'm doing are killing me!) Being a long distance athlete it still amazes me how painful (in a good way) these workouts can be.....gotta love something that makes you delirious, wanting to puke and crawl in the corner to die.....and I just come back for more...woo!
  2. Sarah D Reply
    Oh, thrusters... I have a friend who says it like, "THRUST-AH!" 1. 105 2. 115 3. 120 x 3 I don't think I have every thrusted that much weight before ;) Did Helen Chest-to-Bar this time, and in less time than I thought I would. My regular Helen is 7:54, and today I did CTB in 8:24. Pretty happy with that. I have a hard time stringing more than 3-5 CTB pullups together. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Can't wait to see yall tomorrow. Jack, I hope your back is feeling better :)
  3. Chad Edwards Reply
    Helen was my first CF workout ever about 1.5 years ago. Amazing how it still kicks my @$$. thrusters 115x3,145x3,165x3 Helen as rx'd 9:24

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