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Hold Up

Nutrition Q&A Session
Saturday, July 23rd, 12-1pm

WOD for Wednesday 071311Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Plank Holds(video)
Accumulate a total of 5 minutes in a static plank hold
Flexed Arm Hang (video)
Accumulate a total of 5 minutes in a flexed arm hang
50-40-30-20-10 Reps For Time:
Double Unders

Post Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, accumulate a total of 5 minutes in each movement.  For the planks, rest as soon as your body breaks the parallel plane.  For the flexed arm hangs, rest as soon as your chin drops under the bar.

This is a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  RX situps may be done on an Abmat with feet unanchored.  Scale down to anchored situps or scale up to GHD’s.  DO NOT scale up to GHD’s unless you have been doing them in relatively high volume before today.  150 GHD situps are not something to attempt lightly if you are not conditioned for them.  Check your ego at the door or you could end up in a hospital bed 😉

*Endurance Workout Schedule Update*
Beginning this week we will be cancelling the Wednesday morning 6:15am Endurance Workout.  Monday, Thursday and Saturday workouts will continue.  Coach Paul will be leading Monday and Saturday and Coach Allison will be leading Thursday. 

Upcoming Foundations Courses
Starting July 26th – (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

  1. Jayme Reply
    I did Annie a couple months ago with Ashley T. during open gym, but I subbed 3x single unders because I didn't have DUs yet. My June goal was to string together 10 DUs (I ended up getting 23 by the end of the month), so I thought I'd repeat Annie with DUs. July 2, 11:01 Rx. During my most recent Annie attempt, it was awesome to get 30 consecutive DUs and stop because I only needed to do 30, rather than stopping because the rope got caught. Having monthly goals really works!
  2. Doug Reply
    the 5 minute flex arm hang was effing brutal. As planks and arm holds are body weight strength, I wore the weight vest. The planks weren't bad, 5 sets of 1 Minute with 30 seconds rest. The arm hold was a different story. Got one 30 second hold, but was mainly doing 20 second holds. At 4 minutes total time, took off the vest and finished in 3 quick sets of 20 seconds. I did Annie as prescribed, and completely destroyed my previous PR of just under 11 minutes. Finished today in 7:37 RX. I only missed 3 total DU's, and thought I was going to beat Piracci there for a little while.
  3. Jonathan Reply
    Oh Annie. It has been too long since I've felt like I had a stomach flu.
  4. Ashley D Reply
    Jonathan - everytime I do "Annie" I think I'm gonna hurl. Did the plank holds and flex holds with 11:30. Did not do all 5 minutes with of flex holds though. Probably only did about 3 min worth. Used red band as well. Like Doug said, plank holds were much easier. Did deads from yesterday. Heaviest set was 255# x 3. I really mean this, I think I could have gone a bit heavier too. Hopefully this means I may have a new 1RM soon as my current 1RM is 275#. No WOD, but I am at least getting to experience the wonderful gift of DOMS today. Thank you GHD sit-ups for the *always* lovely 2 day delay.
  5. Ashley D Reply
    Wait - I did those with 8:30 not 11:30. :)
  6. Jonathan Reply
    GHD Annie in 9:50. Super happy to break the 10 min mark. Good wods for me 2 days in a row. Hip flexors and abs already complaining.
  7. Jonathan Reply
    Also for anyone in the Pull-Up club you prolly want to sub something like ring holds for the flexed arm holds. I did. It was still brutal.
  8. Anna C Reply
    it was nice to revisit the 1130 class today, hadn't seen you guys in a little while. plus, we had a special guest appearance...Mr Jonathan Johnson...welcome to 1130. Flexed arm hangs = ouchie elbows. anybody else have that problem? PR'd Annie by 45sec, got 6:22Rx today. last time i did it was february. it really makes a difference when you're not tripping every other DU. yay for consecutive DUs, though, they were slow, so now i need to focus on consecutive and speedy. shout out to Doug and his domination of DUs today!
  9. Dave P Reply
    We could use more of the green-handled jump ropes. Also the two that we do have are rather jagged/worn in the middle and would benefit from some thin tape perhaps.
    • Dave Reply
      I'll order some more, Dave. thanks for looking out
    • Dave Reply
      Ropes ordered! should be in circulation next week
  10. Doug Reply
    @ Anna, My elbows started to hurt (but feel fine now) and I had some acute pain in my right forearm while I was holding myself up on the bent arm holds. It wasn't enough to make me stop, but I did take notice of it. Not having any problems at all now though.

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