Holding It Up -- WOD for 040710 at CrossFit Durham, NC | CrossFit Durham
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Holding It Up

Saturday, April 17th, 12pm-3pm!

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WOD for Wednesday 040710 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule 
Ring Pushups
4 Sets of Max Reps
For Time:
75 overhead Squats (95/65)
Run 200m every time you have to stop to rest

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This week’s strength segments will focus on max rep bodyweight movements.   Rest appropriately between sets to be able to perform max effort attempts. 

Choose a load for the Overhead Squat that allows you do perform the movements properly with as little rest as possible.  To maximize power output and intensity, consider using just 35% of your Overhead Squat 1RM.     

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  1. Matt H Reply
    strength portion: ring pushups 1. 35 2. 15 3. 15 4. 15 had to do a different WOD, since my legs are still beat down. There will be no jumping or running for a bit....I'm not too disappointed about this 30 sec row 15 pullups 10 ring dips 7 rounds: 19.06
  2. Jeff Reply
    pushups - 30, 17, 19, 11 WOD - 7:25 RX'd
  3. Ashley D Reply
    great job to the 8:30 class. NOT. no one was there! haha. that's okay though b/c i got to work on my muscle-up and see how great i am at not being able to do one. the 11:30 class rocked it. great job on the ovs you guys! my wods: 1) 5 x 7 hspu 2) 3 x 12 deadlifts w/snatch grip. used 135# first set, but dropped down to 115# for the last two sets. that's a killer grip. 3) find 3 rep max on ovh squats. 155# - pr! 4) run 600m - first 200m @ 60%/second 200m @ 100%/third 200m @ 60%. rest 4 x longer than run. once again, eyeballed distance at lake lynn. i tried to be as accurate as what i could be. everyone looked at me like i was crazy. 1:46, 1:38, 1:41, 1:44
  4. lindsay hill Reply
    in 3 wednesdays i will be there all the time...830ing it up, watching you do muscle ups!!
  5. Ashley D Reply
    if i continue to do what i'm doing you'll be watching me not do muscle-ups. wah, wah, waaaah. *gong sound*
  6. Phillip B Reply
    This WOD was bad ass. For once, I scaled appropriately (65lbs) and finished a little under the 7 minute mark with two runs. Ring push ups are no joke especially if you go full range of motion. I can blast through floor push ups as if my name was 'Nemo', but get me on the rings and I'm butter.

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