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Holla At A Murse!

NC Race For The Triangle — TEAM MELINDA!

The Bull City Barbell Open is SATURDAY!
Lifting runs from 10am-2pm and spectators are FREE!

WOD for Thursday 051911Click Here For Today’s Schedule
5 sets:  2 Snatch Pulls (video here) + 1 Snatch
5 Rounds For Time:
5 (70/52) KB swings
10 GHD Situps
15 Pushups
20 Sledgehammer swings
25 Air Squats
30 seconds Rest/Freestyle dance moves

Post Snatch Loads and Metcon Time to  Comments
For the strength segment, perform 5 sets of 2 Snatch Pulls + 1 Full Snatch.  That’s a total of 15 reps (you’re welcome, Kristen Shirey).

This Metcon is Chad’s birthday WOD!  You must complete AT LEAST one 30 second period of freestyle during the WOD according to Chad.

ENDURANCE WOD tonight at 6pm with Coach Erin!

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A quick “how to” for some moves to try in today’s WOD!

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  1. lindsay hill Reply
    now if you opt for the dance moves is that Rx? if you wear the track suit is that Rx+? chad have you provided a soundtrack for the day? i only wish i could make the 1130... happy birthday!
  2. Susie Q Reply
    I hope the 7pm coach brings some awesome music to inspire my sweet dance moves. Prince maybe?
  3. Brad Reply
    I'm going to need a full demo of the standards for the freestyle portion.
    • Dave Reply
      Brad -- see video in today's post :)
  4. Phil Bost Reply
    5pm, If anyone wants a technical demonstration of the baby freeze, just ask.
  5. Snatch Bost Reply
    The snatch pulls should end with straight arms especially if you have a tendency to "pull too early", which most CrossFitters do. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to swing the bar out and around your body during the second pull (as opposed to keeping the bar close), you might want to try this movement with an elbow bend. Two different movements used to train two different deficiencies. The weight should be determined by how much you can snatch, which will be less than how much you can snatch pull.
  6. Dancing Queen Kristen Reply
    Phil, what if you have both deficiencies? Dave, thanks for doing the math so I can totally focus on my dance moves and not have to worry about bringing a calculator :)
  7. shayne Reply
    thanks for the good info, Phil! i hadn't read your comment before doing these, but serendipitously worked the bent elbow pull anyway (i.e. did it wrong). but my biggest deficiency is definitely swinging the bar out, & it seemed to help me get a feel for how the bar should travel *up* instead of *out*. i did the snatch complexes w/the 33# bar, then the WOD w/a 52# kb, abmat situps, & scaled pushups. 16:05.
  8. shayne Reply
    oh, and happy birthday, Chad! thanks for the sledgehammer swings - highlight of my day!
  9. Snatch Bost Reply
    Kristen, I would like to SEE. THAT. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N24fVEJyQKM&t=1m26s)
  10. Doug Reply
    Happy birthday Chad. 13:06, not RX as I didn't dance during my 30 second rest
  11. Quotation "Marks" Bost Reply
    Doug, I think "holding up the wall" is an accepted, yet frowned-upon dance move in "da club", so if you "copped a lean" at any point during those 30 seconds, you're "good".
  12. Ashley D Reply
    Chads's bday WOD was fun. I only danced in the first round. After that I bobbed my head a few times. Got up to 105# on the snatch pulls. Ran out of time to work heavier. Probably spent too much time warming up at the lighter weights. PLUS, I ran to the gym and didn't have my trusty tape to tape my wrists. No tape means lower confidence. I'm a bit ritualistic when I lift. 14:18 RX on the WOD Phil, I have a question regarding the snatch pulls. Is the purpose not to see how high the bar can float? I always thought this drill was used to work on hip speed as well as building confidence in the athlete's ability to drop under the bar. I would think in order to do that you'd have to allow the elbows to break after the full extension of the hips. Can you further explain for me, please? Thanks, yo.
  13. Copycat Bost Reply
    So far, every piece of advice I offer has been channeled from a more capable, more experienced coach. So that bit about how the arms (usually) shouldn't break during pull drills came from Glenn Pendlay (my very favoritist Oly coach): http://calstrengthacademy.com/olympic-weightlifting-team/monday-april-26th/ My understanding is that this drill is for training the path of the bar, followed by the full lift which will allow you to (hopefully) implement what you just practiced. To work on hip speed, I'd have someone take 60-70% of their max, start with a high-hang position (since we don't have boxes), and finish with a power snatch/clean. Using the power version of the lift will allow the athlete to focus on explosiveness without having to negotiate dropping under the bar. For under-the-bar-confidence with the snatch, I'd use heavy OHS to establish a theoretical maximum snatch. I think an argument could be made for drop-snatches or snatch-balances with weight, but that seems dangerous to me.
  14. Copycat Bost Reply
    Eh, I wrote "since we don't have boxes", but I meant "since we don't have Olympic lifting blocks". Not only do we not have them, but at this point, we don't need them either.
  15. Ashley D Reply
    Thanks, Phil! The reason I thought that perhaps snatch pulls built confidence is b/c if I can pull to my chest then I know I can drop underneath it. It sounds like my thinking has been wrong though since the elbows should not bend after the full extension of the hips. I have used drop-snatches and heave drops to work on confidence under the bar in the past. I do believe it helped my body remember (not my mind... different story) that I can successfully drop and catch heavy weight. Your mind knowing something is one thing. Your body knowing it is another. :)
  16. Copycat Bost Reply
    Ashley, there is a high-chest pull for that demonstrated here at 0:29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNBwmldd-PM Need to find commentary on that move to confirm, but I think it better simulates the second pull relative to just pulling the bar up as high as possible.
  17. Ashley D Reply
    Ahhhh, gotcha. Thanks, again!
  18. Snatch Bost Reply
    Objective assessment: Best dancers of the day included Kristen, Kate, Erin A., & S.Marsh due to their congo line, Rockettes rendition, and well thought-out victory dances. 5pm had some moves.
  19. Dancing Queen Kristen Reply
    We excelled in large part because of the solid coaching we received.

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