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Hop On Over

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Wilkes’ Weightlifting!
Sunday, February 21st.  More info here!

January FOUNDATIONS Classes
Starting January 26th (Tues/Thurs @7pm)

WOD for Friday 010810 — Click Here For Today’s Schedule
5 Rounds For Time of:
25 Wall Ball (20/12)
25 Double Unders (sub jumping over parallette)

Post WOD and Number of Rounds Completed to Comments
This WOD should be completed in 10-12 minutes.  Sub parallette jumps for double unders if you can’t string more than a few DU’s together at a time.     

Beast Skills Seminar coming in March to CrossFit Durham!

  1. Naomi Reply
    WOO! I did my first ever Rx WOD today. 14:21 and I finally got my brain around the double unders. Thanks for the extra help, Ms. Sarah D. Also, Rebecca got a 20# PR on her deadlift today! And, she did her first double unders as well! Props, girl!
  2. Sarah D Reply
    I just want to brag on the morning classes a little bit. Every person who walked into CrossFit really impressed me with their accomplishments. I can't count the number of people who thought they couldn't do double unders, only to do a ton of them in the WODs. Nice work! Some shout outs... -Way to go Naomi on your first Rx WOD! Fantastic. -A couple weeks ago, Rebecca had trouble with single jumps on the rope. Today she got her first (and many many more) double unders. Amazing. -Jeff couldn't make it to CrossFit yesterday, so he tackled Cindy and surpassed his goal with a full 21 rounds! -Janelle was so excited about hitting double unders that she was bound and determined to do all of them in the WOD. I said, "Do you want to use the paralletes?" and she said, "I don't care if it takes me all day, I'm going to do these!" It didn't take her long, either. Nice job, Janelle. -Thomas Rx'd his entire WOD and really pushed through after being away for a couple weeks. That takes some major mental strength. Way to go, Thomas. -Tripp and Matt H. both did more double unders today than they have done in the past 1/2 year combined. -Josh did his first WOD today and made it through with flying colors! These were just some highlights. Everyone who showed up pushed hard and did amazing work. Thanks for such a great day. This is why I love CrossFit :)
  3. Matt H Reply
    I don't know what you said Sara but something clicked on what you said about the double unders. While I did have to do single unders in between each rep, I managed to link 10 together a couple times and I've only done 3 together before today...once. Never have rx'd a DU wod before either, though it was extremely frustrating and I wanted to throw the jump rope against the wall, thanks to everyone who motivated me and kept me focused during my rant of profanities. Now if I could figure out muscle ups and snatching...
  4. Sarah D Reply
    Matt, fantastic job. It was great to see, even with the profanities ;) No worries, we'll work on snatching and muscle ups. You'll be getting those down in no time.
  5. Jeff Reply
    Yea I'd like to get in line to learn muscle-ups too. It's getting ridiculous at this point.
  6. Ashley D Reply
    Include me in on that line as well.
  7. Ashley D Reply
    And that's the thing w/DUs, Matt. They just kinda happen. Of course, practice is what makes them happen, but what I've noticed with DUs is tend to all of the sudden click for people. And many times they tend to click when a lot of those horrible little suckers are included in a WOD.
  8. Ashley D Reply
    dang i can't type. so annoying.
    • Dave Reply
      great work to everyone who came out this morning! some nice front squat work (get those elbows up!!) and that WOD was no walkover...... Nice to see some folks out to Open Gym working on some weaknesses and making themselves better nice meeting everyone who came out for Beginner's Class today....great work! Hope to see you all again soon!!

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